PPP Lies Exposed on Malakand 3 power project


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PPP claimed that Malakand 3 power project is their project and they claimed in today newspapaer


While the fact is that Malakand 3 power project
started and completed
MMA Govt

THE Malakand-III hydropower project, having a generating capacity of 81MW electricity, is expected to go into commercial production by the end of this year. But differences have cropped up between the government and the industry as to how the electricity should be distributed.

The MMA government has been attaching high expectations from the forthcoming project, at least Rs1 billion to Rs1.5 billion additional income through electricity sale.



Down with lies of PPP (thumbsdown)

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Well this also exposes PML-N Punjab Govt. of not starting on Power projects in Punjab. When back in 2007 a Provincial Govt. of KPK can start a power project then why not in last 5 years by Punjab Govt. ??????????????


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There is a trick. The dawn news report says the Malakand 3 will be operational at end of 2007 , so there is possibility that the inauguration of the project get delayed by few months and then in 2008 someone PPPP Govt. did the inauguration and now they are taking credit.

Shame on Them.


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By giving such ads by PPP looters, they still consider people as animal.

Now people should remember these projects or 18 hours loadsheddings. No body will trust them.


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in all ppp adverts you will not find Zardari
he is using bhutto family again to get power
and then bhuttos will be kicked ut and zardaris will rule