Pakistan Turns to all weather friend China.

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Pakistan has turned to China in every crisis, and this time again Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani will also rush to China next week on a four-day visit starting from 17th May. Chinas Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) spokeswoman Jiang Yu confirmed this and described China and Pakistan as good neighbors, friends, partners and brothers. On 9th May 2011 during an address to the Pakistan parliament, Gilani hailed China as Pakistans all weather friend and also absolved the ISI from sheltering the al Qaeda fugitive. He praised China as a source of inspiration and warned the United States that Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate with full force in case of a similar US operation in the future. China is perhaps the only country that has supported the Pakistani ignorance about the whereabouts of bin Laden albeit hailed the Laden killing as a major event and a positive development in the international struggle against terrorism. Jiang Yu further said that Pakistan stands at the forefront of the international struggle against terrorism.Pakistani governments determination to fight terrorism are staunch and its actions have been vigorous. Pakistan has made important contributions to the international struggle against terror. She also said that China will continue to support Pakistan staunchly in developing and implementing its own anti-terror strategy based on its own national conditions.
Experts of international relations in China also toed the government line as usual. Guo Xiangang, vice president of the China Institute of International Studies stated that Ladens death and any rift between the United States and Pakistan will not affect Beijings policies toward Islamabad. And why not, when Pakistan has been secretly sharing some of the advanced military technology to China, be it the 1998 transfer of an unexploded American Tomahawk missile or the F-16s. It has been reported that China has once again shown interest in the debris of the crashed SEAL helicopter in Abbottabad raid.
Response of Netizens:
Not only the Chinese government has rendered support to the Pakistan in the aftermath of bin Ladens killing but the netizens across China have also toed the government line. Shen Weihuang quoted a survey in an article published in the Global Times on May 10, 2011 which revealed that 60% of the 500,000 people who took an online survey conducted by Hong Kong based Phoenix television, agreed with the statement that bin Ladens death was a sad event because he was an anti-US warrior. More than 75% of the 17,000 respondents thought the US would get tougher on China after Bin Ladens death.

Global Times wrote on May 5, 2011 in one of the commentaries that the counter-terrorism war, mainly in the Arab world, has served to prevent the US from disturbing China during the past decade. In the near future, the US may pour more money and resources in handling the rise of China. Some netizens in various forums also expressed their views on Laden issue. To quote a few from posted in Chinese: We believe that there is some support within the United States for bin Laden network, though we do not know who is supporting the network, we do not know if any US government official is supporting the network or not, otherwise 9.11 would not have happened at all. Another wrote, Pakistan helped the US in counter-terrorism, but after finishing the task, it has been blaming Pakistan for sheltering [terrorists], disgusting! Yet another wrote, The US sending forces inside Pakistan territory to kill people is an act of a terrorist, gangster and a thug combined! American logic is the logic of a gangster, Pakistan! You hold on, China is behind you. It is useless to shed tears in international arena, there is no justice to talk of, national interests are supreme, and if you do not wield power you have no right to speech wrote another. The US politics of power and hegemony demonstrates that in order to serve its own interests, the US will achieve these by hook or crook showing utter disregards for others announced another. There are others who expressed their fears about Pakistan being used by the US for battering China. Pakistan has allowed the foreign troops to operate in its own territory freely; this is surrendering ones sovereign rights under humiliating terms! China must be vigilant, or else one day, the U.S. forces in Pakistan could attack China as well without the knowledge of Pakistan, it would be a grave problem jotted another netizen


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The sooner the better for Pakistan...They should know their friends and Foe...China is always a friend of Pakistan no matter what...I have spent 6 years in China and they respect Pakistanis the most.You would see the smile on their faces when u tell them u are from Pakistan.Unlike other countries who only judge us on CNN ,BBC and Fox.


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yaar pakistan ki aik adat china ko pasand nahi ........................... jo bhi mansooba mushtarika tor pe shuru hota hay to pakistan mansoobay k baad kahta hay k hamari taraf jitnay paisay banty hen wo khaatay men likh lo:P.... chinese akhir kab tak khaatay men likhty rahain gay....[hilar]


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In reality, the true goal is to contain the rise of China and other emerging economies using the pretense of "terrorism." Destabilization via foreign-funded ethnic insurgencies, regime change via foreign-funded sedition, and a regional strategy of tension between power brokers in Beijing, New Delhi, and Islamabad have for years attempted to keep in check not just China and Pakistan's rise, but India's as well.

To them, war is a cost-benefit analysis, and like their financial pyramid schemes that only get bigger and bigger, so too their gambles with our lives and treasure. It appears that they are quite willing to destabilize Pakistan, a nation with 170 million people, and risk war, a nuclear exchange, and a possible confrontation with China and Russia in the process


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China: The New Bin Laden

By wmw_admin on May 15, 2011
Orwell Wrote The Script

Paul Craig Robert – Global Research May 11, 2011

George Orwell, the pen name by which Eric Blair is known, had the gift of prophecy, or else blind luck. In 1949 in his novel, 1984, he described the Amerika of today and, I fear, also his native Great Britain, which is no longer great and follows Washington, licking the jackboot and submitting to Washington’s hegemony over England and Europe and exhausting itself financially and morally in order to support Amerikan hegemony over the rest of the world.
In Orwell’s prophecy, Big Brother’s government rules over unquestioning people, incapable of independent thought, who are constantly spied upon. In 1949 there was no Internet, Facebook, twitter, GPS, etc. Big Brother’s spying was done through cameras and microphones in public areas, as in England today, and through television equipped with surveillance devices in homes. As everyone thought what the government intended for them to think, it was easy to identify the few who had suspicions.
Fear and war were used to keep everyone in line, but not even Orwell anticipated Homeland Security feeling up the genitals of air travelers and shopping center customers. Every day in people’s lives, there came over the TV the Two Minutes of Hate. An image of Emmanuel Goldstein, a propaganda creation of the Ministry of Truth, who is designated as Oceania’s Number One Enemy, appeared on the screen. Goldstein was the non-existent “enemy of the state” whose non-existent organization, “The Brotherhood,” was Oceania’s terrorist enemy. The Goldstein Threat justified the “Homeland Security” that violated all known Rights of Englishmen and kept Oceania’s subjects “safe.”
Since 9/11, with some diversions into Sheik Mohammed and Mohamed Atta, the two rivals to bin Laden as the “Mastermind of 9/11,” Osama bin Laden has played the 21st century roll of Emmanuel Goldstein. Now that the Obama Regime has announced the murder of the modern-day Goldstein, a new demon must be constructed before Oceania’s wars run out of justifications.
Hillary Clinton, the low-grade moron who is US Secretary of State, is busy at work making China the new enemy of Oceania. China is Amerika’s largest creditor, but this did not inhibit the idiot Hilary from, this week in front of high Chinese officials, denouncing China for “human rights violations” and for the absence of democracy.
While Hilary was enjoying her rant and displaying unspeakable Amerkan hypocrisy, Homeland Security thugs had organized local police and sheriffs in a small town that is the home of Western Illinois University and set upon peaceful students who were enjoying their annual street party. There was no rioting, no property damage, but the riot police or Homeland Security SWAT teams showed up with sound cannons, gassed the students and beat them.
Indeed, if anyone pays any attention to what is happening in Amerika today, a militarized police and Homeland Security are destroying constitutional rights of peaceful assembly, protest, and free speech.
For practical purposes, the U.S. Constitution no longer exists. The police can beat, taser, abuse, and falsely arrest American citizens and experience no adverse consequences.
The executive branch of the federal government, to whom we used to look to protect us from abuses at the state and local level, acquired the right under the Bush regime to ignore both US and international law, along with the US Constitution and the constitutional powers of Congress and the judiciary. As long as there is a “state of war,” such as the open-ended “war on terror,” the executive branch is higher than the law and is unaccountable to law. Amerika is not a democracy, but a country ruled by an executive branch Caesar.
Hillary, of course, like the rest of the U.S. Government, is scared by the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that China will be the most powerful economy in five years.
Just as the military/security complex pressured President John F. Kennedy to start a war with the Soviet Union over the Cuban missile crisis while the US still had the nuclear advantage, Hillary is now moving China into the role of Emmanuel Goldstein. Hate has to be mobilized, before Washington can move the ignorant patriotic masses to war.
How can Oceania continue if the declared enemy, Osama bin Laden, is dead. Big Brother must immediately invent another “enemy of the people.”
But Hillary, being a total idiot, has chosen a country that has other than military weapons. While the Amerikans support “dissidents” in China, who are sufficiently stupid to believe that democracy exists in Amerika, the insulted Chinese government sits on $2 trillion in US dollar-denominated assets that can be dumped, thus destroying the US dollar’s exchange value and the dollar as reserve currency, the main source of US power.
Hillary, in an unprecedented act of hypocrisy, denounced China for “human rights violations.” This from a country that has violated the human rights of millions of victims in our own time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, secret CIA prisons dotted all over the planet, in US courts of law, and in the arrests and seizure of documents of American war protestors. There is no worst violator of human rights on the planet than the US government, and the world knows it.
The hubris and arrogance of US policymakers, and the lies that they inculcate in the American public, have exposed Washington to war with the most populous country on earth, a country that has a military alliance with Russia, which has sufficient nuclear weapons to wipe out all life on earth. The scared idiots in Washington are desperate to set up China as the new Osama bin Laden, the figure of two minutes of hate every news hour, so that the World’s Only Superpower can take out the Chinese before they surpass the US as the Number One Power.
No country on earth has a less responsible government and a less accountable government than the Americans. However, Americans will defend their own oppression, and that of the world, to the bitter end.
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