1. Taalib-e-Haq

    South China Morning Post reporting on Imran Khan

    Imran Khan has been charged with breaking anti-terrorism laws, leaving dozens of supporters gathered outside his home to prevent his arrest.
  2. M

    China-Pakistan Energy Corridor-its Ramifications

    China-Pakistan Energy Corridor-its Ramifications By: Shahid Hussain Raja Retired Federal Secretary, Government of Pakistan/Author/Independent Consultant- Public Policy & Governance Reforms Source:
  3. AxxN.RR

    Shocked And Very Scared Chinese Army.. Eye Opener News.

    Shocked And Very Scared Chinese Troops Began Fleeing After Witnessing Indian Army's Sheer Fighting Force The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was shocked, very scared and panicking after Indian Army responded to its unprovoked and pre-planned attack in Eastern Ladakh's Galwan valley. As...
  4. @@O.P

    China Pakistan Relationship! your views

    With all this "China love in the air" I will like to remind everyone how Nations think for their own self-interest and relations can change very fast. President Mohammad Ayub Khan Visited Us in 1961 he was given a parade as welcome because the U.S needed Pakistan to align with the U.S and not...
  5. ب

    Tea is Fantastic for the cowards of Indian Army-Pls read !!

    India has almost accepted the Chinese right on more than 60 square kilometres of Indian-patrolled territory in the last month – equally divided between the northern bank of the Pangong Lake and the Galwan River sectors (newly captured). Pls read how an Indian ex-security official writes about...
  6. GTV Pakistan

    Coronavirus Spread In 9 Countries

  7. P

    Why the West and Western Bootlickers are trying to put Pakistan against China?

    By establishing a bond through CPEC, Pakistan is cutting off ties that were leaking economic profits to the west and is establiahing new trade bonds to the east with China. The massive shift in economic gains is giving a pain in the ass to many West loving douchebags. Some of these paid touts...
  8. CNN

    عمران ۔۔خان نہیں خواہ مخواہ ہے،،کشمیر کو بیچ دیا۔۔کراچی کی عوام نے تبدیلی کو آڑے ہاتھوں لے لیا

  9. T

    فضل الرحمان کا آزادی مارچ کشمیر کاز کو نقصان پہنچانے کی سازش۔۔میڈیا بھی خاموش

  10. Siasi Jasoos

    Apple CEO warns Trump about China tariffs, Samsung competition

    President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he had spoken with Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook about the impact of U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports as well as competition from South Korean company Samsung Electronics. Trump said Cook “made a good case” that tariffs could hurt Apple, given that...
  11. G

    Masood Azhar declared as Global terrorist.India failed to accuse Pakistan

  12. A

    Sheikh Rashid Ahmed comments on Pakistan-China ML-1 railways agreement

  13. A

    PM Imran Khan complete speech at Pak-China economic forum, Beijing l 28 April 2019

  14. A

    PM Khan terms CPEC a blessing for Pakistan

    BEIJING: Terming China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a blessing for Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday emphatically stated that Pakistani nation and government fully support the game changer project. Addressing a luncheon hosted by China-Pakistan Friendship Association and...
  15. A

    چین نے پاکستان کو بغیر سود کے کتنے ارب ڈالر قرض دیا؟

    اسلام آباد: چینی سفیر ژاؤ جنگ کا کہنا ہے کہ چین نے پاکستان کو چھ ارب ڈالرز قرض دیا جن پر سود صفر ہے اور سی پیک کو سبوتاژ کرنے والے عناصر ترقی کے مجرم ہیں جبکہ بھارت سمیت کوئی بھی ملک سی پیک میں شریک ہوسکتا ہے۔ چینی سفیرژاؤ جنگ نے بیلٹ اینڈ روڈ فورم پربریفنگ دیتے ہوئے کہا کہ پاکستان میں...
  16. Pak News Official

    Qaim Ali Shah shows grief over murder of donkeys in China: Funny

    When asked about mass murder of donkeys in China, former CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah shows grief and sorrow on the issue and requests the Chinese to not to murder our brothers (parody)]