Nat geo shows kashmir in pakistan map

Pak Zindabad

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Comments on this news on Times of India will be worth reading..............Some readers will eventually blame it as ISI tactic.........Its really funny how stupid thoeries they write as comments on such news.

Pak Zindabad

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I just read comments under this news and seems they are spitting in anger while writing.........Indians go very low when they write comments........specially against Pakistan.

Pak Zindabad

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This is one latest comment from one of the Indian and this shows how low class that nation is, Even ****** is a small word to send on these Hindus.

Syed Zaiduzzaman Hamid (Pakistan)
2 mins ago (01:46 AM)
Oh ALLAH, I am a Good MUSLIM. I PRAY 5 times a day. I always eat HALAL food, as you told. I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat pork, and I hate dogs, as you told. I have 4 wives, youngest one is 6 years old, as your PROPHET also had. I have 28 children from 4 wives. I keep my wives uneducated and I suffocate them in black burqas, and I beat them if they question me, as you told. I can't feed all my children, so I make them work as child laborers after madrassa brain-washing. As you told, I HATE KAFIRS/non-muslims for not believing in ALLAH and Mohemmed. Your prophet had SEX with very young camels. We don't have camels here, so I Had SEX with the goats. Your prophet RAPED the dead-corpses of his Aunt and wife in grave-yard. If I had got a chance, I too would have done the same. As you told, I hate USA/Israel/India. I hate all KAFIRS like Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, etc, as you told. I love TALIBAN, AL-QAEDA and LeT, for jihad, as you told. BUT EVEN THEN, why can't you save LIVES of innocent Muslims like me, from violent deaths? Do you care for us MUSLIMS, or not? Or you simply DO NOT EXIST and our prophet made us Muslims fools, out of ourselves? As I don't get any answer to my question, I REFUSE to BELEIVE in ALLAH. I am REJECTING Islam and becoming a Christian. Good bye garbage Islam!


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Finally the WORLD is ready to accept
Trying to stop
to save rest of india.


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i doesn't matter they can show where ever they feel like. as long as we control ground.


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I just read comments under this news and seems they are spitting in anger while writing.........Indians go very low when they write comments........specially against Pakistan.

I agree brother, but unfortunately our websites are run by some greedy pakistanis who allow not only Indians to take part in discussions but to abuse Pakistan frequently. My comments are never ever published by any Indian website. But Pakistanis for traffic to make few dollars more, allow all kind of abuse at Pakistan and Pakistani nation, on Islam and even on Prophet SAW.

Even here when an Indian lost the arguments started to send funny private messages abusing Prophet SAW.

On the contrary I was given a warning, because I used the phrase "have they invented an engine running on cow piss". The reason given by the moderator of abuse of a country or nation.

When I started to send some complaints against the comments posted by Indian on just one thread of "General Hamid Gul" interview with RT, the moderators banned me for insulting them.

When these so called "Pakistanis" sell their souls for fist full of dollars then there is not much point in worrying about these traitors.
I send the e-mail to the owner of the site who is resident in Chicago, USA, asking him "whose interest he is working for, really". He responded by saying wrong e-mail address, write to the webmaster. I responded back, no correct e-mail address, you are the owner of the site, so you should tell me "for whose benefits are you working for, Really"?

Problem with Pakistanis, they are so divided and fractious that it sometimes boggle my mind. I find it difficult to understand the mentality. I am more patriotic to Pakistan even though I am not Pakistani National.

But I see many Pakistanis here abusing Pakistan who have gone to Canada, most probably than not on political asylum, facilitated by murderous MQM.
You can not expect anything else from these treacherous so-called Pakistanis, if they can sell their souls to someone as criminal as Altaf Hussain, they can do anything in life.

It boils down to your character, in a nutshell.


MPA (400+ posts) ko indian backing hai..................
woh iss kohadi daal daytey hain............
iss liyey hindu **** jo boonkhta hai yeh nahi bolta....