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Re: Rupert Murdoch behind 9/11


where did 9/11 happen??????? where did mehran base attack happen????
wahats its got to do with u?????why r u boiling?????
u r late for ur shift anyway!!!!!!!
anybody talk sense and truth is insane in ur view,
yes i can understand, cause u r trained to be stubron,mad,and uni view!!!!!
carry on dreaming,when u wake up it shall be very late for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bravo is on overtime.


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Breaking NEWS: Rupert Murdoch attacked in the Committee Room during the hearing

A protester attacked Rupert Murdoch in The committee room of the Parliament and try to hit him while the hearing was on going.

This is extra ordinary incident, this is amazing, how could he attack in side the Parliament Committee room?
By the way, the hearing had been amazing with many pointed questions asked.

Murdoch senior was quite most of the time, but quite blunt, while James was more engaged and answers most of the questions because he is the head of this particular part of the business. I will up date this thread with the details of the hearing.


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Re: Breaking NEWS: Rupert Murdoch attacked in the Committee Room during the hearing

Is he accused of 11/9? Who accused him..... can you please shed some light.....Also I'm curious if someone could tell the story of Goldman Sachs, the one involved in a big financial scam in the US....


Re: Breaking NEWS: Rupert Murdoch attacked in the Committee Room during the hearing

It is shameful thing for the British law authorities by letting someone in the room with cream pie with him...


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Murdoch rejects blame for hacking


[h=2]<a class="story" rel="published-1311049182734" href="">[video] ld&amp;aq=2z&amp;oq=phone+ha[/video][/h]


Rupert Murdoch says he cannot be held responsible for phone hacking but was let down by "people I trusted", in a day of drama at Westminster.


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Murdoch Facade Crumbling as Scandal Takes Root in America

Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:59PM GMT


Rupert Murdoch with his wife

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) is reportedly preparing to deliver subpoenas to News Corporation employees and others as part of its expanding investigation into possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

A separate FBI investigation is underway in response to reports that the company may have hacked into the phone messages of victims of the September 11 attacks. (Free Press is part of a larger coalition of groups urging Washington to call News Corp. executives including Rupert Murdoch to testify before Congress)

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act holds U.S. companies legally accountable for crimes committed abroad, especially bribes that are paid to foreign officials to protect and expand the company's business interests.

News Corp. is running its own campaign to downplay these allegations, distance father and son from the alleged crimes, and contain the scandal to the U.K. The Wall Street Journal and Fox News Channel are leading the charge with carefully contrived editorials and on-air stagecraft. One person with ties to News Corp. told The Journal that the DoJ subpoenas are "a fishing expedition with no evidence to support it."

Not according to British investigators, who received a trove of documents and emails from News International that identify at least $160,000 in bribes paid to police officers. This handover of evidence has been confirmed by more credible news outlets, including the New York Times and the Guardian, that have covered the unfolding investigations.

Robert Lenzner of Forbes writes that News Corp efforts to cover-up the scandal are now "cracking" as two former executives come forth to claim that James Murdoch wasn't telling the whole truth during his testimony before Parliament on Tuesday. One former executive, Tom Crone, should know. He served as part of the legal team that advised Murdoch, Jr. during an earlier investigation that involved phone hacking.

"When the full extent of the hacking and the amounts paid to police are known, the Murdochs' claim [that] they knew nothing of these activities -- and were betrayed -- will go up in smoke," Lenzner writes.

And as more leads indicate that crimes were indeed committed on U.S. soil -- including actor Jude Law's claim that his phone was hacked as he was passing through New York City's JFK Airport -- the likelihood increases that this scandal will create heat for the Murdochs on this side of the Atlantic.

More fish for the frying pan.
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