1. wasiqjaved

    "Pakistan" : the most dangerous place for British nationals - Dailymail UK

    Revealed: The murder hotspots for Brits abroad over the last four years with Pakistan, Jamaica and America among some of the most dangerous places More than 250 Britons have been murdered while abroad in the last four years, MailOnline can reveal. Pakistan was the most dangerous place with 37...
  2. mrcritic

    UK Mother ties young daughter while she goes gambling!

    ninemsn- The girl, who appeared to be about four years old, was seen trying to free herself after the woman trapped her leash under the door of the Ladbrokes agency in West Sussex, England on Friday. The woman remained attached to the girl from inside the shop after feeding the reins under the...
  3. Shahid Naama

    Shahid Naama - 5th September 2011 - Saleem Bukhari & Gen Asad Durrani - Altaf Hussain's Letter to B

  4. R

    British military almost ran out of missiles during war on Libya

    British military almost ran out of missiles during war on Libya Colonel Gaddafi (Pic: Reuters) DAVID Cameron has been accused of leaving the military so squeezed it almost ran out of missiles during...
  5. IndiaGuy

    No restrictions on Altaf Hussains movement: British HC

    ISLAMABAD: The British High Commissioner Adam Thomson said Monday that MQM chief Altaf Hussain is a free citizen and no restrictions have been made on his movement, DawnNews reported. Reports of Altaf Hussains arrest are false whereas Imran Farooqs murder case investigation will be completed...
  6. crankthskunk

    British Nationality would become a "Hadi" in AH Throat he wouldn't able to swallow

    When I said, we the British of Pakistani origin are watching closely the development and AH involvement in the violence in Karachi, I was not kidding. Mark my words, if these news are true; circulating all over the media and some of them reported by established media outlets in Pakistan, then...
  7. J

    Muslims took over British underworld the day Twin Towers fell

    The 21-year-old, whose organisation turned over thousands of pounds a day from drug-dealing and credit card scams, claims a post-9/11 fear of terrorism has allowed Muslims to develop a stranglehold on our criminal community. Through Islam, he says, they have numbers which cannot be...
  8. awan4ever

    UK riots: Iran media left red-faced over British 'anti-monarchy uprising'

    UK riots: Iran media left red-faced over British 'anti-monarchy uprising' Pictures portraying riots as anti-royal revolt include images from 2008 Notting Hill Carnival, the miners' strike and even Chile Iranian...
  9. 1 ummah

    The moral decay of our (British) society is as bad at the top as the bottom - By Peter Oborne

    David Cameron, Ed Miliband and the entire British political class came together yesterday to denounce the rioters. They were of course right to say that the actions of these looters, arsonists and muggers were abhorrent and criminal, and that the police should be given more support. But there...
  10. L

    British Muslims tackle looters and bigots

    British Muslims' reaction to the riots should dispel any continued demonisation in the media. British Muslims played an important role in helping prevent the riots from being even worse than they were [GALLO/GETTY] There is a lively debate taking place in the UK media between left and...
  11. theexile

    We are concerned about the law and order situation in Karachi - British High Commissionar. LOL, Jo

  12. QaiserMirza

    Concern about British Nuclear Devices

    I am seriously concerned about the safety of Nuclear Devices in Great Britain. The terrorists have shown how they can destroy a city like London in a few hours. If the nukes get into their hands they could wreck havoc. UK needs to DO MORE for the safety of its nukes and assure that its...
  13. C

    British Foreign Office Minister for South Asia Alistair Burt Restored Peace In Karachi

    Mr Hussain set alarm bells ringing late on Tuesday night when he asked the beleaguered people of Karachi where more than 300 people were killed last month alone to stock up on ration for at least a month. He said the people must do that even if they had to sell valuables. That the major...
  14. mrcritic

    British police kept 150 murder victims' body parts!

    By Indo Asian News Service, IANS London, July 30 (IANS) Two police departments in Britain secretly kept brains and hearts of at least 150 murder victims for years and did not inform their families, an official review has found. While the Avon and Somerset Police revealed it kept brains, hearts...
  15. hans

    Pakistan Army Rank..... compare it with British Army

    Pakistani military uniforms closely resemble those of the British armed services. The principal colors are greenish brown for the army, navy blue for the navy, and light blue for the air force. Brown and black camouflage fatigues are commonly worn by army troop units. Rank insignia also are...
  16. PkRevolution

    Muslims in Europe under serious threat of NAZI terrorists. German NPD, british EDL, Holland, Finland

    They propagate lot against muslims organisations but they never ban their terrorist organisations. Oslo killer was against muslims but he killed christians, why?? He said: To get the attention of Europeans against Islamisation of Europe. Oslo killer was just a spark. Hundred thousands of...
  17. jhootaylog

    Is MQM (A) the Agent of British Establishment ???
  18. Optimistical

    Pakistani British Boxer Amir KING Khan Destroy his opponent once more..

    Khan stops Judah to add title By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Boxing Writer LAS VEGAS (AP)—Amir Khan won a second piece of the 140-pound title Saturday night, stopping veteran Zab Judah with a body punch...
  19. Kharian Kharian

    David Cameron Learning While Earning British Prime Ministerial

  20. A

    Patriotism at its best

    Eshrat ul Ebad has been Sindh Governor for almost a decade now. The moment he was asked to step down, he did not even consider spending a day in Pakistan and straight went to Dubai. And now when he is asked to get back his governorship, a specail plane is getting him from Dubai to the governor's...