British Foreign Office Minister for South Asia Alistair Burt Restored Peace In Karachi


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Mr Hussain set alarm bells ringing late on Tuesday night when he asked the beleaguered people of Karachi where more than 300 people were killed last month alone to stock up on ration for at least a month. He said the people must do that even if they had to sell valuables.
That the major portion of the Wednesday speech by the MQM chief was in English indicated that he sought to address the international audience in addition to his partys senior leaders and general workers at the Lal Qila ground in Azizabad.
This impression was strengthened by a statement issued by British Foreign Office Minister for South Asia Alistair Burt after speaking to Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad over the phone.
Mr Burt expressed his concern at the continuing violence and loss of life that Karachi has faced in recent weeks.
He said: I warned that inflammatory statements from any political party risked making the situation worse and that all political leaders and their parties have a duty to refrain from inciting violence and to reduce tensions and restore calm.
Our Deputy High Commissioner in Karachi, Francis Campbell, has met representatives of all main political parties in Karachi to encourage them to work towards stability in Karachi and the wider region. I have asked my officials to reiterate these
points directly with the leadership of the MQM and to discuss our concerns.
While Mr Hussain may have refrained from issuing dark warnings on Wednesday, he was no less impassioned in his appeal for a durable peace in the city. The Rangers and the Army should come to Karachi and see who is involved in terrorism. They should control the law and order situation here."
One telephone call of Mr.Burt to Governor sindh brought peace to karachi .Some rough elements from the troubled city cannot afford ignoring British Govt Official's warning.


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"Leader" aur geedar UK main rahain gey tou baat bhi UK waloun ki hi chalay gi. Burt phoned Altaf and told him that pack up and get ready to go to Karachi. Aik minute main aman ho gia.


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Why the hell will altaf hussain care about the people of Karachi or Pakistan as a whole? He got British citizenship and karachities BHATTA to live a lavish life style...... while his neck disappeared like a turtle..... bhaar mae jae awam os ki bala se..... onno ki faraq penda ae.....
I personally do not think that it was this telephone call that brought temporary relief but it was rather the 48 hours ultimatum that Altaf gave and the threat of people taking to their own defense therein. You look at the pattern of killing before he gave this statement and afterwards and you will agree. The telephone call from this deputy secretary was primarily aimed at pushing PPP to stop using violence to pressurize the MQM to rejoin the government. This is essentially why the statement specifically referred to the 48 hours ultimatum statement of Altaf and endorsed and support it. How PPP is using violence to pressurize the MQM to stay or rejoin the government for the last three and a half years is explained very convincingly in this post:
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