UK riots: Iran media left red-faced over British 'anti-monarchy uprising'


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UK riots: Iran media left red-faced over British 'anti-monarchy uprising'

Pictures portraying riots as anti-royal revolt include images from 2008 Notting Hill Carnival, the miners' strike and even Chile

Iranian media affiliated to the Islamic regime have been accused of using library images from different times and locations in Britain and other parts of the world to portray theUK riots as "the uprising of the oppressed against the British monarchy".
Soon after the rioting broke out, the Iranian regime seized on the unrest to get back at the British government by condemning what it described as "the violent suppression of the political opposition and the oppressed".
But in recent days Iran's online community and blogosphere have shown that pictures published in the regime's news agencies and daily newspapers were taken at different times and places.
Most were published by the semi-official Fars news agency, whose paymasters are the elite revolutionary guards, and Keyhan newspaper, which is under the direct control of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Pictures provided by Fars are widely used in other media groups across Iran.
An Iranian who blogs under the name Gomnamian has devoted significant time to demonstrating where some of the pictures used by Fars were published beforehand. Fars deleted some pictures once word spread across the web.
Among the pictures is a one of a man whose face is covered in blood, which the Daily Mail had published in September 2010 alongside a story about security plans ahead of a football match between Manchester United and Rangers.
Another photo used by Fars was taken from a 2009 Washington protest in support of the Palestinians.
One appeared to be from Chile, and featured a road sign in Spanish.
One image showed a street full of police but was actually taken at the Notting Hill carnival in 2008.
A picture showing police on horseback was from the miners' strike in 1984.
In reaction to the regime's schadenfreude over the UK riots, the top British diplomat in Tehran, Jane Marriott, wrote a letter to Iran's foreign ministry saying Britain would be happy to talk about human rights. "I would remind you that the UK has a standing invitation to all UN special rapporteurs and has facilitated the visits of a number of these rapporteurs to the UK in recent years," she wrote in the letter.
"I urge the Iranian government to extend a similar courtesy to the dedicated UN special rapporteur for the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, to enable him to address the international community's grave concerns about ongoing human rights violations within Iran."
Iran announced in July that it would not permit the UN special rapporteur assigned withinvestigating its record of human rights to enter the country.
Iran's opposition has attacked the regime for its portrayal of the UK riots, saying it is deliberately making them appear to be protests against the British monarchy as a tit for tat against the UK government for its criticism of human rights violations in Iran over the past years.







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What can one expect from a mullahcracy!!!! I still remember last year protest videos of Tehran when pasdaran beasts were butchering young unarmed girls on the streets. Shame on this miserable and stupid act.


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May be done by [MENTION=6897]mehwish_ali[/MENTION] for I-ran . check it out...


I appreciate and salute the iranian media - the way western media depicts our society and tries to malign us - this is the perfect swift kick in the british balls


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May be done by @mehwish_ali for I-ran . check it out...

نہیں جی، مجھ پر غلط الزام نہ لگائیں، اللہ مجھے بچائے کہ میں کسی کے ساتھ ناانصافی کروں۔

اگر ایرانی نیوز ایجنسی نے غلط امیجز استعمال کیے ہیں تو بے شبہ انہیں نے ناانصافی کی ہے۔ میں ملا حضرات کے زیادہ فیور میں نہیں جاتی اور کہیں نہ کہیں جا کر ان سے اختلافات پیدا ہو جاتے ہیں جب مذہب کے نام پر انسانیت کا احترام نہیں کیا جاتا۔ پاکستان میں ملا حضرات قادیانی حضرات کے قتل پر در پر رہتے ہیں اور ایران میں اسی مذہب کے نام پر بہائی حضرات کو تعصب کا نشانہ بنایا جاتا ہے، جس پر مجھے کھلا اختلاف ہے۔

مجھ پر الزام لگانے کی بجائے آپ ان لوگوں پر الزام لگائیں جو جان بوجھ کر لوگوں کو دھوکہ دیتے ہیں۔

ایران نیوز ایجنسی کے ساتھ ساتھ ان پر بھی الزام لگائیں۔

The British Broadcasting Corporation has been caught out once again blatantly lying with image manipulation over recent events in Iran, claiming that a crowd which had rallied in support of the controversial incumbent president was in fact rallying in support of his opponent.

The blatant deception has become typical not only for the BBC but for many media outlets in Britain, and has brought shame upon the journalistic profession for those few professionals who are trying to do a decent job.

The BBC’s latest deception has been exposed on the website, which shows how a photograph of a pro-Ahmadinejad rally which appeared on the Los Angeles Times website was deliberately manipulated and cropped by the BBC and presented as a rally in support of his opponent Mousavi.

The BBC’s tactic of misrepresentation of the internal affairs of Iran is clearly motivated by a desire to influence public opinion against Ahmadinejad.

You know the LA times article you listed with Ahmadinejad waving and the caption 'Hundreds of thousands in Iran protest vote result'?
Click for larger image
Well I guess it sure was a popular fictional rally for Mousavi, because I later noticed while browsing the news sites a familiar picture on the BBC's lead iran story- it shows the same crowd, zoomed in to cut out Ahmadinejad. It is clearly the same protest as in the background are the same tree and odd circular building. However, the BBC managed to outdo the LA times in quality reporting- their actual comment under the photo from the huge PRO-Ahmadinejad rally reads 'Supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi again defied a ban on protests'- a blatent lie and deliberately misleading description of what is actually occuring in Iran!
Click for larger image
Please let your readers in on the deception!
I have attached image captures of the two web page for comparision, and just in case the bbc change it and deny the whole thing!
the page addresses are:
Thank you again. The truth cannot be denied.

بلکہ انہی پر کیا موقوف، بلکہ آپ کے چہیتے عمران خان مس ریڈلی کے ساتھ مل کر قیدی نمبر 650 پر غلط بیانی کرتے ہوئے صاف پکڑے گئے ہیں۔

اگر آپ کو الزامات لگانے ہیں تو براہ مہربانی ان تمام لوگوں پر براہ راست لگائیں اور بغیر کسی دوستی یا دشمنی کے انصاف کی بنیاد پر لگائیں۔