1. P

    Another Child Sexual Abuse Scandal Unearthed in Faisalabad

    After Kasur, Faisalabad is in spotlight after a major scandal of child sexual abuse unearthed, in Samundri area of Faisalabad district. Three separate cases have been registered against three accused at the police station under Section 377 and 292 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Kasur: Three...
  2. P

    Exclusive interview of Tayyab Farooq after chairman NAB scandal

  3. R

    Kasur victims hurl "Chappal" at IG Punjab Mustaq Sukhera

  4. atensari

    Biggest Mcdonald Scandal in the History of Pakistan

  5. atensari

    نئی گندم کسان، حکومت اور صارف سب پر بھاری؟ ملتان کے قریب گندم کی خریداری کے ایک سرکاری مرکز کے انچارج محمد ساجد کو اِن دنوں غیر معمولی ذمہ داری نبھانی پڑ رہی ہے۔ وہ اپنے مرکز میں پڑی ہوئی پرانی گندم کی صفائی کرا رہے ہیں حالانکہ روایتی طور پر...
  6. H

    Contractors to sue Air Force

    PAF sued by Housing Contractors PAF sued by Housing Contractors LAHORE: Two contractors aiming for a contract in the Air Force Officer Housing Scheme (AFOHS) have gone to the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the Air Force for non-issuing of tenders to them, a press release said. Justice...
  7. K

    Infected Australian sheep unloaded in Karachi

    KARACHI: Australian sheep infected with scabby mouth disease have made their way into the metropolis. Approximately 75,000 sheep departed from Australia on board the Fremantle-based Wellard Rural Exports ship Ocean Drover. Their destination was countries in the Middle East. 53,000 sheep were...
  8. P

    Agha Waqar Pathan have been arrested for robbery in 2010
  9. E

    لاہوریوں کو شریف دودھ پلانے کے لیے پولیس

    لاہوریوں کو شریف دودھ پلانے کے لیے پولیس کا استعمال لاہور ( مریم حسین) پنجاب حکومت کے بڑوں کے کہنے پر لاہور میں بیس سالہ پرانے دودھ پلانٹ پر پولیس کے ذریعے قبضہ کرا نے کے بعد اب اس کے چیف ایگزیکٹو امیر بخاری کو پولیس اور انٹی کرپشن اسٹیبلشمنٹ کے اہلکاروں کے ذریعے بدترین تشدد کا نشانہ بنانے کا...
  10. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak- 5th September 2011 - New NICL Scandal

  11. Skeptic

    Dunya TV Anchor Rehman Azhar Scandal With Lahore Girl

    An anchor and two producers of Dunya TV are facing a murder case over an issue of a girl. This is the first this kind of act i think by any journalist According to an FIR registered with the Defence Police Lahore, Dunya TV anchor Rehman Azhar, producers Zeeshan and Zagham Abbas on their car...
  12. M

    'Dr' Aamir Liaqat on 4 News (Hilarious!)

  13. canadian

    Hajj Scandal Ki Bazgasht Aur Sadarti Award Ki Bandar Bant by Aftab Iqbal !!

  14. crankthskunk

    News of the World Scandal: UPDATE

    In the past I posted news on the NoW scandal and was of the opinion that it would cause Prime Minister David Cameron sever damage. Few may think the scandal has gone away, nothing like that. The scandal is on front pages again, now a new letter has come to surface, which shows that the Ex-Editor...
  15. H

    Dr Fraudia's first program after the scandal - First call comes from Makkah ;)

    First call comes from Makkah and second call from Madinah...coincidence? ;)
  16. Kal Tak

    Kal Tak - 2nd August 2011 - Mulana Saeed Kazmi & Sheri Rehman - - Hajj Corruption Case & NICL Scanda

  17. ||columbus||

    PML-N team compilation- With a team like this, who needs an opposition

    Here is a compilation of clips showing highlights of PML-N team. This compilation is for those who criticize Imran Khan for not having a team. I thank Allah that Imran Khan doesnt have a team like this. IMRAN KHAN ZINDABAD. <a href="" target="_blank">...
  18. Bilal_Mushi

    SC issues written verdict of Hajj scandal case

    SC issues written verdict of Hajj scandal case ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Tuesday issued written verdict of Hajj scandal case, Geo News reported. SC has summoned DG FIA to appear before the court personally tomorrow (Wednesday). The apex court has also ordered...
  19. Rathore

    Nust university paper out scandal

  20. crankthskunk

    Murdoch Empire crumbles: Fox Hacked Phones, Black Ops room in FOX HQ

    Recently, there has been a storm brewing in the UK. As a result of Phone hacking scam run by the NEWS Corps, in the UK. The revelations are coming thick and fast. Even though earlier things were hushed up, but now all hell is breaking loose. This is the beauty of Democracy and rule of Law...