Contractors to sue Air Force

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PAF sued by Housing Contractors
PAF sued by Housing Contractors​


LAHORE: Two contractors aiming for a contract in the Air Force Officer Housing Scheme (AFOHS) have gone to the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the Air Force for non-issuing of tenders to them, a press release said.

Justice Aisha A. Malik of LHC on Tuesday September 25, 2012 ordered the Ministry of Defence, Deputy Chief of Air Staff and others to reply to the petitions of the owners of M/S Al Bashir Enterprises and M/S Z&B Constructions by October 16th 2012.

In their joint petition, the father and son owners of two companies, Zaheer Ahmed Meer and Ali Zaheer Meer have challenged the non-issuance of tenders of AFOHS for construction of houses at PAF Gulberg III Lahore.

Counsel Mian Khalid Habib Elahi, Advocate Supreme Court said that his clients have 37 years experience and have completed more than 125 houses during the last 7 years in Falcon Complex.

According to the press release, the respondents are determined to oust the petitioners from the competition of tendering process due to favouritism and nepotism.

The lawyer for the petitioners also said that the non-issuance of tender to his clients is without lawful authority as well as against PPRA Rules.

Source: Dawn News

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I found this very interesting. Did some free lancer investigation journalism. Here are my findings.Spoke to a friend there who has relatives in society committee. Answer i got:

Everyone knows there is one fav contractor of the incharge mazhar javid who provides him with money and luxuries. The fav contractor of mazhar forgot to put beams in roofs of houses. Mazhar than want to give a masjid tendor to the faulty fav contractor. The father in this news stood up and raised voice against faulty works of that contractor which anger mazhar who taking revenge to set an example.
As for work standards the houses are not the best around as budgets are low but these guys won three straight appreciations from Air Chiefs and still their work is the best around. These guys do all repairs needed themselves free of cost unlike some other contractors there. In short corruption is high in airforce housing management and no one care to ask
Thinking it is not enough I went there to meet my friend and further taking my investigation. I visited the houses these. Was a hassle to find sites anyway visited 3 different sites including for the father and son in news. Did not find any bad quality work. Tried finding the site for the fav contractor with a really funny name
but cannot. Will maybe next time i go there and will also get some pics for you all.


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Thanks admins for having the courage to post hard truths. Couple of forums could not :D Love pak army Hate corrupt generals