1. atensari

    سابق فوجی اور امریکہ کے بائیکر گینگ

    ‘سابق فوجی اور امریکہ کے ’بائیکر گینگ امریکہ کی ریاست ٹیکساس میں مخالف گروہوں کے درمیان فائرنگ کے تبادلے کے واقعے کے بعد ملک میں سرگرم پرتشدد بائیکر گینگز پر ایک بار پھر توجہ مرکوز ہوگئی ہے۔ پولیس حکام کے مطابق اس واقعے میں نو افراد ہلاک ہوئے ہیں اور کم از کم 170 افراد کو گرفتار کر لیا گیا...
  2. J

    Islam : Empire of Faith - Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and rise of Islam (Full: PBS Documentary)

  3. A

    How Englishmen looted Indian empire? A MUST WATCH!!!!!

    I will urge all of you to spare some time and watch this documentary and see how Englishmen looted Indian empire and how and why they want to finish Muslims from the face of earth. It is a Must Must watch. Compare all the incidences explained in the documentary with current situation in the...
  4. 1-Man-Army

    Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital......an Empire!!!!

  5. canadian

    Stupid Empire Prevails !!

    Stupid Empire Prevails"If You Think Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance" By SAUL LANDAUThe reason we have a Department of Defense is to break things and kill people. The problem we have now is that so much of the money is not going to the people who are breaking things and killing people...
  6. crankthskunk

    Murdoch Empire crumbles: Fox Hacked Phones, Black Ops room in FOX HQ

    Recently, there has been a storm brewing in the UK. As a result of Phone hacking scam run by the NEWS Corps, in the UK. The revelations are coming thick and fast. Even though earlier things were hushed up, but now all hell is breaking loose. This is the beauty of Democracy and rule of Law...
  7. Abdali

    How The Satanic Empire Rationalizes Muslim Murder..

    By S. Miglani July 12, 2011 "Reuters" How The Satanic Empire Rationalizes Muslim Murder... Drone strikes are police work, not an act of war????When will you Pakistanis wake up?Fight this zionist satan with Full force.. http://blogs.reuters.com/afghanistan/files/2011/07/predator2.jpg...
  8. J

    Endless supply of narcotics' in George W Bush's empire by Lisa Baron

    The book titled 'The Life of the Party', written by Lisa Baron, recounts a lifestyle of casual sex and 'a seemingly endless supply of narcotics' in George W Bush's empire Read full story : http://hindsamachar.in/5762/Hind-Samachar/8-June-2011#p=page:n=3:z=2 'Sex, drugs and dirt during Dubya...
  9. Abdali

    How the Empire will Prevail: Pakistanis Wake up..

    How the Empire will Prevail: Will Washington Foment War Between China and India? By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts June 06 2011 "Salon" -- What is Washingtons solution for the rising power of China? The answer might be to involve China in a nuclear war with India. The staging of the fake...
  10. Abdali

    Satanic empire against islam. Aggression ummah continues..

    Time to stop zionist led crusade Pakistan and muslims. On May 19th U.S. President Barack Obama delivered a much anticipated speech on U.S. policy towards the Middle East and North Africa. In the Guardian, the speech was referred to as, "...his most important speech on the Middle East since...
  11. biomat

    Every empire shall fall

  12. hans

    The British empire's Bin Laden... look back into History (August 12, 1844 June 22, 1885)

    Muhammad Ahmad, known as the Mahdi, was behind the destruction of the British garrison at Khartoum and the murder of Governor General Charles Gordon - a profound shock to imperial Britain. Ahmad made his name fighting a rival imperial power the "infidel" government loyal to the...
  13. hans

    "Habeas Corpus Rights"....and Evil Empire of KSA.

    Habeas Corpus Rights Under the concept of habeas corpus as developed in Anglo-American jurisprudence, persons who are deprived of their liberty have the right to challenge through judicial inquiry the legality of their arrest or detention...
  14. Abdali

    Satanic Empire war Against Islam And Muslims.

    Must watch.
  15. FaisalLatif

    Empire: US Army and Hollywood War Machine - Oliver Stone, Micheal oore, Marwaan Bashara

  16. QaiserMirza

    Fall of Australian Empire

    Fall of Australian Empire India beats Australia to clear the way to play with Pak Shaheens in Semi Final.