MAYA ALI gets EMOTIONAL during live session on ration distribution work


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Maya and friends are doing an excellent job helping the poor in time of need, instead of just sitting on their asses doing nothing like the rest of us except criticizing them instead of appreciating a job well done.


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چپ کر کے خود جو کر سکتے ہو کرتے رہو، اجر آگے مل جاۓ گا
موقع سے اپنی تشہیر اور میڈیا میں زندہ رہنے کے بہانے نہ تلاش کرو
سب کو معلوم ہے کہ تم سب اچھی ایکٹنگ کرتی ہو


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Let us not criticize each other for now just focus on helping the have nots.... and appreciate it will motivate others. And leave it Allah, Because only he know the intentions.... Jazakullah Khair....


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Gashtian mashrey me be hayaee phela k ab naik prveen bn rahee hain.
Gashtian feeding the poor are 1000 times better than naik perveens sitting on mussala 5 times a day when their servants sleep hungry.
درد دل کے واسطے... پیدا کیا انسان کو
ورنہ عبادت کے لیے کچھ کم نہ تھے کرو بیاں


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I am looking for the Mombatti (Candle) mafia for the this untimely circumstances which is crying for help. These میرا جسم میری میری مرضئ group, where are you.