Khari Baat - 11th May 2011 - Sharmila Farooqi - USA's Terrorism against Its Own Citizens


MPA (400+ posts)
Although I don't support PML(N) at all, what Nawaz Sharif has said is absolutely right. I m not sure what Mubashar is criticizing his press conference for. NS has not claimed anything. He is suggesting that a judicial investigation needs to be conducted. Anchors should learn to respect other people's opinion especially when they the right thing.

Shame on Sharmila esp when she mentioned "mashroob". Very bad from a political leader.

Zardari, Gilani, Kayani, Pasha and Rao Qamar Suleman - all these five people need to resign. Army needs a revolt otherwise laan*t hae ek ek officer pay Army k. They join Army to destroy Pakistan or protect Pakistan? When the officers know the General is sold out, they don't need to follow orders. I knew about Kayani before he became COAS. He has always been American blue eyed boy. H. Clinton got him 3 years extension due to his loyalty...but our fauji brothers don't understand anything....unfortunately...

It's good but very late, that our anchors have started believing these truths which they have termed as a conspiracy theory before.
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