Joke of the Century, Must Read!! "MQM is a peace-loving Party!" - Altaf Hussain


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Assalam o Alaikum,



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Re: Joke of the Century, Must Read!!!

  • March 18: Mohajir Quomi Movement (MQM)is launched.
  • December 20: MQM Chairman Azim Ahmad Tariq demands justice for Mohajirs and advises Pakistan President Zia-ul Haq to issue arms licenses.
  • December 14: 50 persons killed in Karachi; The Army is called-in and curfew declared.
  • December 9: One person killed and 40 injured during clashes following MQMs call for strike in Karachi.
  • November 21: 30 persons injured in firing in Karachi.
  • November 18: MQM cadres fire in the air and disrupt a cricket match at Hyderabads Niaz Stadium.
  • November 3: 10 persons killed in hand-grenade attacks and six others in street violence in Karachi.
  • November 2: Altaf Hussain and 10 other leaders are arrested on charges of attempt to murder and rioting. 72 other activists arrested with arms and explosives in different areas of Karachi.
  • October 31: 12 persons killed during riots in Karachi. Riots spread to Hyderabad where seven persons are killed.
  • October 25: Altaf Hussain says in Hyderabad, Sindh, that Mohajir youth should "collect arms. If our rights are not given to us, we will use every kind of force".
  • August 8: MQMs first public meeting at Karachi's Nishtar park is marked by aerial firing, street violence and damage of public property.


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Re: Joke of the Century, Must Read!!!

Yar please help me...........samajh nahi aa raha is statement par kon sa sign lagon ............ Shyad wo sign abhi bana hi nahi ha...........:)


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They are piece loving instead of peace loving........ when people reach MQMs torture cells, they come out in pieces.....


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Just look how peaceful they are, someone calls their leader a murderer (which is true actually) and his peace-loving slaves burn buses, vehicles, kill and injure people and prove just how true the statement about Altaf was. Then as soon as Altaf calls his slaves to stop the killing and burning, they obey like dogs obey a silent whistle.


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Actuall they are saying they will be peace loving after they are able to kill each and every person who are politically opposed to


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We All wish if they were peace loving party.their start was violent and there end will be violent if they did not refrain from violence. Urdu speaking people are such a lovely people. Karachi is beautiful because of them, but this party is giving them a bad name.

pakhtoon pardesi

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whats sooo funny about this they are peace loving party thats why they are taking peace from everyone else :P
It is really funny that MQM is a peace loving party if somebody said. Can anybody define what is peace loving? As per MQM definition, killing of its opponents is like to love peace and make everyone silent (create peace) except their own people who are busy to listen to Altaf Hussain nosense talk on the telephone.


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see how ppp vacated two seats in kashmir on which elections were held again and mqm won both seats!with such big dhaandali and cheating that skies altaf is again with ppp!!!
if mqm can win two seats in ksahmir where no mqm exists than imagine how many seats mqm will win by cheating in next elections.

is it not painful that mqm like indian agent party won 2 sets in kashmir elections but islamic parties whose sons have sacrificed their lives (for protecting the honour of women of held kashmir ),won not even single seat in kashmir!!!
by allowing mqm like indian agent parties to win in kashmir by cheating,the govt has buried masila e kashmir for good now.

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What would you expect a clown to do: nothing but to do silly things and tell silly jokes to make people laugh?


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What would you expect a clown to do: nothing but to do silly things and tell silly jokes to make people laugh?
altaf bhai nay sahi tau kaha kay pakistan peace loving country hai.tum jaisay muthi bhar pendoo ki waja sey pura mulk badnam hota ,mugher fikarnai karo mqm tum logo ki hurkatein theek karegi after all our fore fathers made this country qurbani bhi hum logo ko hi deni tum log bus internet per beth ker burai kARTEY RAHO

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I can only