Jirga on Geo News - 29th June 2015 - Genral(R)Hameed Gul Exclusive


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[h=3]Criminal justice[edit][/h]Anglo-Saxon England did not have a professional standing law enforcement body analogous to modern police. In general[SUP][citation needed][/SUP], if a crime was committed then there was a victim, and it was up to the victim - or the victim's family - to seek justice. However, after the tenth century there were some changes[SUP][citation needed][/SUP] in Anglo-Saxon England. All shires, or counties were subdivided into small states called hundreds. These hundreds were subdivided into tithings. The three type of states had three types of representatives as well: the tithings had a tithingman, the hundreds a hundredman and the shires a shire-reeve. They met every four weeks[SUP][citation needed][/SUP]. The main function of this group seems to have been administrative: the king spoke to the shire-reeve, the shire-reeve spoke to the hundredmen, and the hundredmen spoke to the tithingmen when giving tasks[SUP][citation needed][/SUP]. Examples of tasks could be, for instance, that legitimate trading was encouraged or that there was no cattle theft[SUP][citation needed][/SUP]. They also dealt with crimes that were against a king's peace. But still the biggest power[SUP][citation needed][/SUP] of seeking justice lay into the hand of the victim or the victim's family.
The judicial functions of the Anglo-Saxon legal system was mainly practiced[SUP][citation needed][/SUP] by courts, like nowadays. Once a charge had been brought, it had to be heard by a court[SUP][citation needed][/SUP] which would decide whether or not a crime had been committed and, if so, what action was necessary. The hundred court met every 4 weeks[SUP][citation needed][/SUP] but the shire court only met twice a year[SUP][citation needed][/SUP]. Lawsuits could be passed on to the shire court if the hundred court was not able to reach a judgement[SUP][citation needed][/SUP].


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I don't care what he's done however, i do care what he is trying to achieve now. May Allah give him more courage and power to stand for the Politico socio system of Islam.