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Imran Khan should tell real Talibans to check out the back of their fellow Talibans. If they have tattoo then it means they are fake Taliban.

Imran Khan may know some more advanced ways to test real and fake Taliban, like circumcision?

KPK govt should start performing these tests on check posts. That would solve the problem of terrorism.

aoo u fool ask from me i live in peshawar i know fake and real taliban do exist so what u say first do a little mind search....


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Can you PTI guys decide what is the excuse you want to give for these attacks? The first one started with fake Taliban and when I posted some videos, the other one excuse was it is because of drone strikes.

So fake Talibans are doing these suicide attacks as reaction of drone attacks?

Excuse is given by apologist we are not apologist get your head around this point.
PTI point of view is Taliban are all bad there is no such thing as good taliban or bad taliban. Some taliban even in pakistan lake HAQQANI network attack US army in afghanistan.they don't attack PK army or in pkaistan. US wants pakistan to attack them as well, so that even they start targeting PK army and pakistanis.then there are some taliban groups who want negotiations with pakistan and some don't.Thosw who don't want it increase there activities when ever there isa talk of dialogue. these talibans are infiltrated ones and they attack pakistanis for money.Now as i know that ur mind has not fully developed and u think like a 9 years old kid.let me tell you that its not the suicide bomber who plays into their hands. its their handler who is actually a foreign Agent. when he sends a suicide bomber he selects the timing and the place of the target so that his foreign masters objective are achieved.
Unless we distance those talibans which are in favour of taliban from those which want no dialogue we can't win this war. when we attack waziristan , the bomb or army won't know which taliban was in favour of dialogue and which one was not.In that case those who want dialogue will also be forced to join the war.We must isolate the ones who want war from the ones who want dialogue. once that happens we will be in a better position to launch an operation on the known ones.These talibans are n
more than 28 groups attack on them unites them. dialogue separates them from each other.For your info some taliban even fight with each other aatck will unite them.i don't think that you going to understand this because you have made your mind that taliabns can not be infiltrated , the can not be bought and 100 % of them are all attacking pakistanis and pk army which is not true in fact but very much true for you