Imran Khan can make Pakistan stronger economically, if he brings back Pakistan's $200bn from Swiss banks - Rauf Klasra


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IF Imran Khan succeeds in bringing 200 Billion US Dollars, I will offer 100 Nawafil for Gratitude and feed 60 deserving people.


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Will never happen.Stop showing people empty dreams.I have been hearing about swiss banks money for a decade now.


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nawaz shoebaz zardari ka pesa ley ain pakistan ka qarza khatam ho jaye gaa or mulk bi ameer ho jaye gaa only imran khan bring that 200 billion dollar back home inshAllah


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خان پاگل ہے جو اپنے یاروں کا پیسہ واپس لاۓ گا ؟؟؟
آدھے تو خان صاحب کے دوست ہیں

You're right Khan won't do it but, if Zardari or Shahbaz came into power, they definitely will. :p


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IK cannot do anything alone. If Pervaiz Khattak so called electable under his nose was busy in looting KP budget with his son in law and other family members. A blacklisted company was awarded BRT contract, court sent case to NAB.
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