Great leap of love in spring season


Such stories are seldom heard in our part of the world, where time and people are continuously and notoriously dealing with suicide bombers, sectarian killings, feudal rivalries and decade long political vendettas . I am amazed with the news and had to appreciate with the full heart, the openness and acceptance of families; while both families having background in lower middle class of Pakistan _ would let freedom work to such extent to fulfill the decades long dream of both old souls to meet together in such lovely relationship. Nostalgically I remembered a recently watched movie '' Love in the Time of Cholera '' based on a novel by Nobel Prize winning Colombian author Gabriel Garca Mrquez, where the hero Florentino waits patiently more than 50 years to marry his beloved. Pakistan's spring season is indeed suitable for such love.

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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No age-limit on love

No age-limit on love
Published: April 7, 2011

84-year-old Aslam weds 76-year-old Bano with their childrens blessing.

An 84-year-old man married a 76-year-old woman near Bhowana on Wednesday. Raksa Lakki resident Aslam, 84, and his seven children took a barat to the house of Bano Begum, 76. The brides seven children gave her away at the wedding and the entire village celebrated the occasion.

This is a very happy occasion, especially because the children of both partners support the marriage, said Maulvi Abdul Khalid, adding usually in such cases the families create a lot of animosity. Residents of the area said that they wished the couple well. It is wonderful to see two people finding happiness at the twilight of their life, said Aslams neighbour Hafeez.

Aslam said that his first wife had passed away twenty years ago and that he had known Bano all his life. She is a distant relative and she was also widowed for over a decade, he said.

Aslam said he proposed to Bano a few months ago after seeking permission from her children. I was glad when both our families blessed the match and encouraged us to get married, Bano said. Aslams son Qazim said that he was happy for his father and that all his siblings were making an effort to welcome their new stepmother.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 7th, 2011.