Good News For Pakistan by Economic team of PM Imran Khan | Siddique Jan

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The biggest thing Imran Khan has done is that people have once again started to think that corruption is a social evil and crime since the first time since the late 70s and 80s, otherwise during ganja and zardaku raj it was softened and renamed "chai pani" "mukmuka" "upar ki kamai" and not considered anything bad but just another social norm to get things done and with this way they also corrupted the people of Pakistan.

Back in the day bureaucrats, civil servants and govt workers were know and praised for their honesty rather than the post or amount of money they had. Anyone thought to be remotely corrupt was shunned by the community.

But this started to change in the mid 80s and by the 90s mukmuka culture was in full swing. As Zardaku and Ganja raj took turns in destroying the moral fabric of the country.

Inshallah slowly slowly things are now going back to the ways things are supposed to be and the 1st step is that people have started to call corruption for what it is a moral and legal crime.