Gas Load Management or forcing people to use other fuels


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It has been long time since we are in shortage of Gas throughout the Pakistan Governments in the past too has forced the nation to obey the laod management programme and now present government also forcing to apply the same rule with more rigidity many people think that these kinds of tactics are being used to generate money to run the governement who has so many lavish expenses that they do not like to cut short in order to meet those expenses and others to run the government they need money nation is thinking that government is forcing the nation to go for other alternate fuels like petrol diesel etc that are far more expensive than gas and governmnet can earn more form that as their profit


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yeah that's true brother there is no shortage of gas and electric power....... on a lighter note I would ask you to please consider some coma and full stop in your post instead writing it in a huge sentence...... :) thanks....


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gas load shading or baki tammam bhe is leya ki jaa rahe hain k is qoum ko jagaya jaa sakey with full stomachs aur thandey kamron ki neendh sai ... per baki sab schemes ki tarha govt ki ya scheme bhe fail hoo gayee hai ... ya Rs 150/L petrol lay lain gey chup ker k 2 din ki gas/cng load shading bhe nahi jaga saktee.... punjab main test ker k dekh leya gaya aab sindh main bhe implement hoga .... enjoy karoo yaar .... ya murdoon ki basti hai ...nobody is bothered.
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If "international oil lobby" can put a country like America in to wars, Pakistan government is nothing for them.