Former Head Of CIA Bin Laden Unit: Main Recruitment Sergeant For Al Qaida Is Barack Obama


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Counterterrorism expert says war on terror is based entirely on fabrications

Steve Watson
May 30, 2011
Ex CIA intelligence officer turned whistleblower and activist, Michael Scheuer, has launched a blistering attack on the political establishment, over its handing of the so called war on terror, asserting that the entire rationale behind it is based on outright lies and deception.
Mr Scheuer, who was speaking at the popular Hay Festival in the UK said that the politicians including the US President and the British Prime Minister have not a clue about whats going down in the western world.
We are being attacked in the west and we will continue to be attacked in the west as long as we are in Afghanistan, as long as we support the Israelis, as long as we protect the Saudi police state. Scheuer said.
They cant cope with the fact that its nothing to do with the way we live. It doesnt have anything to do with elections or democracy or liberty, the counterterrorism expert added.
Scheuer, who headed up the CIAs Osama Bin Laden tracking station between 1996 and 1999, asserted that The main recruitment sergeant for al Qaida is Barack Obama, adding that his speech on May 19 was a declaration of cultural war on Islam.
Last week, Scheuer penned a scathing commentary piece on the Obama middle east speech, describing the president as a Neoconservative crusader who has out-Bushed Bush and the Neoconservatives by a country mile, calling for U.S.-dictated (and enforced?) regime change in Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Iran, and Yemen.
We hear the President, we hear your Prime Minister, talking about thugs and gangsters. We are still in the starting blocks in this war. Scheuer told the UK audience this past weekend.
When asked what Obama should do regarding the war on terror by a member of the audience, Scheuer replied I would ask him to tell the truth.
He, the first Mr Bush, then Mr Clinton and the second Mr Bush have assiduously lied to the American people for 20 years and as a result have made the relations in the United States between Muslims and other people much more difficult. Scheuer said.
Scheuer explained that the so called cultural war against the West is a fabrication, created by Western elites in order to justify the Wests interventionist policy in the middle east and beyond.
They have identified the motivation of our enemy as a war against liberty, as a war against gender equality, Scheuer urged.
There is almost no Muslim out there who is an insane character who is going to blow himself up because my daughters go to university. There is no discussion by bin Laden of this cultural war that is supposed to be waged against us. he added.
A president who was a statesman and a politician might say something like Im sorry weve been kinda lying to you for 30 years and why we are being attacked is until recently we were supporting fascism across the Middle East.
Scheuer added that the twisted assertion that a cultural war is being waged by muslims on the West is a complete Orwellian style reversal of reality.
In the rhetoric of our enemies there is very little, if anything, about attacking us for how we live or how we think or how we act in our own country., Scheuer said.
It is about intervention, it is about being in the Arab Peninsula and it has nothing to do with these cultural things. We are the ones that are arranging the cultural war against them.
He added: The American relationship with Israel, in my mind, is a useless and unnecessary relationship. As long as we are playing a role we are the recruiting sergeant for the people that are going to kill us.
Look at where al-Qaeda is today compared with 9/11. Back then it was overwhelmingly in Afghanistan. Scheuer said.
Now they have part of Afghanistan, a big part of Pakistan and they are in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Africa and Palestine and moving into Lebanon. Their position is much better now than it was.

Scheuer also sounded off on the corporate medias portrayal of the uprisings in the Egypt and Libya, calling the Western allies cheerleaders.
I think the whole thing is very juvenile. Scheuer said. In Egypt we have moved from a military-backed tyranny to a military tyranny. In Libya, thats just France, Britain and America pounding another country for its oil.
You dont go from what was in Egypt to democracy on the basis of tweets and Facebook, especially when the people who rely on them are not in the core of maturity.
Scheuer recently took the establishment media to school in the form of exposing how two airhead CNN presenters were carrying the water for Mr. Obama regarding reporting on the situation on the ground in Libya.

Watch the video:

When asked about bin Laden, Scheuer took the opportunity to describe how the US passed up the chance to eliminate him before 9/11, but declined to do so because President Clinton did not want to jeopardize a multi-billion dollar arms deal.
Scheuer stated that the US had a clear opportunity to kill or capture Bin Laden in 1999, when the terror figurehead was still on a learning curve and very predictable. According to Scheuer, the CIA learned that Bin Laden was present at a hunting party run by Arab princes in late February or early March.
The Americans warned the princes to get out of the way, but then Clintons administration learned that one of those at the party was in the process of finalizing a multi-billion dollar deal to buy US fighter planes. Scheuer noted.
The government decided that it was more important to sell our planes than to get Bin Laden, he said.