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Erik Anthony Aud (born 5 April 1980) is an American actor, stuntman and professional poker player who was arrested and imprisoned in Adyala Jail, Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 2003 for alleged Drug trafficking. Aud maintains that he was duped into carrying opium, and that he believed he was importing leather goods. This story is featured in an episode of National Geographic Channel Locked Up Abroad.

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Aud was born in Beverly Hills, California.He attended Bethel Christian School in Lancaster, California and played American football there.[SUP][2][/SUP][SUP][3][/SUP]In 2002, Aud was persuaded to carry leather samples from Islamabad, Pakistan to the United States by Razmik Minasian (who used the alias Rai Gharizian), an Armenian client at the gymnasium where Aud was employed. Minasian concealed from Aud the fact that the case containing leather skirts and jackets also contained opium.[SUP][4][/SUP] On February 15, 2002, Aud was arrested at Islamabad International Airport after being found, according to Pakistani authorities, with 3.6 kilograms[SUP][5][/SUP] (7.9 pounds[SUP][6][/SUP]) of opium in the process of embarking on his scheduled flight to Dubai,United Arab Emirates.[SUP][7][/SUP]Pakistan not being a party to the United States' Prison Transfer Treaty program, the actor, convicted in January 2003,[SUP][5][/SUP] began serving a sentence of seven years at the Adiala Central Jail in nearby Rawalpindi. At the time, a number of articles in the press speculated on the odds of his surviving the full term of his seven-year sentence.[SUP][7][/SUP]Aud's 2004 release followed an appeal by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson just before Christmas, and followed Minasian's written confession that Aud was innocent of knowing he was being used to smuggle opium.[SUP][8][/SUP] A number of websites were set up to help promote his cause, and to document the struggle to free him. The actor arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on December 26,2004 after entering the United States at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. As of 2009 Aud lives in the San Fernando Valley.[SUP][9][/SUP]

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He's now a Professional Poker Player... But listen, where he learned Poker!
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Hard to believe this story, Reason: Pakistani Govt. does not have the balls to arrest any American! remember Raymond Davis? Only Leader who has the courage to do such thing is not in the Govt. YET?


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He might have been but I doubt if he ever stepped into Adiyala. Are you so innocent to think that USA would kept quite


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they way he described Pakistan ... he is full of **** ...:angry_smile::angry_smile::angry_smile:


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His story is credited by many other sources too. He was imprisoned in Adyala Jail, but not sure if he was on death row.