Enjoy the thrashing and blood curling squeals of Saad Rafique!!!!!


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
When Saad Rafique opens mouth only and only lies come out. This dumb creature is a politician. How this category people can enter parliament. This could be only possible with PML-N.


Minister (2k+ posts)


Minister (2k+ posts)
What the hell is sensodize and entolodge ... what a joker.... can't even answer simple questions.... Shameful creature ... Piece of sh!t liar!!! Great questions ... this loser couldn't even answer those ....


MPA (400+ posts)
پھر باد بہار آی٬ پھر میر غزلخواں ہو٬
.......گو نواز گو٬ گو نواز گو،


MPA (400+ posts)
Ha ha ye hi sab se bara dhanla nikla .apni shakist dekh ker sab kuch dao pe laga dia baap or maan ki izzat khak mein mila di .iss key baray mein atizaz ne kha tha bahagtay phiratay thay ghulaam shamain le kar tootanay laga ho mahal peh asmaan jaisay. I personally liked this person until he showed his coward face .
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