Eden Affectees Seek Public Support


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We are here to gain support for thousands of families who have been robbed by Dr. AMJAD of EDEN HOUSING - everyone knows Dr. Amjad's links with X Chief Justice Iftikhar and so on .. no one from media is also helping and you know law is disabled already for looters to loot as much.. Please help raise voice for Eden affectees
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تاج کمپنی، پھر دوسری اسی طرح کی درجنوں کمپنیاں، ، اور اب ایڈن گارڈن
کاروبار میں ان سے زیادہ ایماندار تو وہ کافر یہودی ہیں
وہ اپنے ہم۔مذہب کو نہیں لُوٹتے، حرام سمجھتے ہیں
لیکن ہمارے "ہمیشہ باوضو رہنے اور ہمیشہ سچ بولنے والے" کاروباری حضرات تو الحمدللہ کہہ کر اپنوں کی ہی چمڑی اتار لیتے ہیں
پھر اس حرام کے پیسے سے حج عمرے بھی کر آتے ہیں



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these people need our support - if we give up just like that , it wont help at all. we need to raise voice against all corrupt and dishonest people - we need to fight back!
Yes we should help each other in curbing any such fraudulent activities which ultimately bring a huge loss for public. All sectors of civil society should help and support each other in such matters to end such kind of people in PAKISTAN.


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100% true - and PMLN has the biggest role in corrupting the whole country because their top leaders are corrupt.

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