Do you use any paid software to protect your PC?


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I was referring to common trojans/viruses.
For privacy/being stealth, definitely one has to resort to other things.

My company uses Kaspersky, ............................... heavy resource consumption.
It all boils down to how you set up your env. Like I said, since the inception of windows defender, I've really haven't felt the need to install any 3rd party av.... True during my norton days, it slowed down the boot a bit but after that, no problem at all. I really don't get it how an antivirus would constantly come between you and your experience unless you've got a slew of cracked and pirated apps or maybe it's because I have a machine that would cost you an arm and leg lol so speed isn't an issue but I doubt that.
Last time I was @Aixsponza, their linux render slaves had bit defender on it. Their windows machines (used primarily for sims, cgi) had win defender keeping them in check.
No AV is going to help you if you are dumb enough to chose to ignore a warning and proceed with whatever fishy business you were doing lol.

The commercial softwares (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, many video games, anti-virus) are for Windows only, and are not available for Linux.
However there are alternate softwares, for almost every same purpose, available for Linux.

The User interface, look-n-feel is also similar to Mac/OS.
Or you could use WINE and install windows applications on Linux but that's not viable for production systems due to the extra layers of binaries slowing your pc further. If you are a general user (no programming) stick with windows.