Atiqa Odho Lost the Vice Presidency of APML at Liquor Scandal

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Scandals are not a new thing specially in Pakistan where it is very easy to find any corrupt and criminal person, Atiqa Odho a beautiful actor elected for the vice presidency of All Pakistan Muslim League launched by former President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf was caught with 2 bottles of liquor at Islamabad International Airport, where she was not detained by the calls of high profile peoples. After the Liquor scandals of Atiqa Odho Party has taken the resignation from Atiqa Odho and she is no more Vice President of APML.
In past another news was revolving that she has no good relations with her family as well, where Atiqa didnt participated in the Marriage of her daughter that was against her will.



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after news broke out of HIV virus can be cured uncle mushy decided to restart the activity with aslam sukharia so hence he decided to get rid of Atiqa Odho its just a made up game of uncle mushy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1