Another person on the most-wanted list found in India


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New Delhi: It seems there has been another goof-up by the Indian agencies in the list of 50 most-wanted fugitives that they sent to Pakistan.

NDTV has found another person on the 50 most-wanted fugitives list in India. This list, handed over to Pakistan, is already turning into a major embarrassment for the government after Wazhul Khan, was found to be living in Thane.

Feroz Abdul Khan, who is also on that list, is currently in Mumbai's Arthur Road Jail. Khan in jail for his role in 1993 Mumbai blasts. Feroz's name is number 24 on the list. He was arrested by the crime branch of the Mumbai Police in February 2010.

Sources in the Home Ministry have told NDTV that the CBI will soon make a statement on this latest gaffe that has been detected.

After the huge embarrassment over the goof-up over Wazhul Kamar Khan in India's most wanted list of fugitives in Pakistan, his profile was dropped from the CBI's website.

On Wednesday, Home Minister P Chidambaram accepted the inclusion of terror accused Wazhul Kamar Khan in the list of most-wanted fugitives given to Pakistan was a "mistake". He said it was a "genuine error" by Mumbai Police and an "oversight" by the Intelligence Bureau.

"There was a mistake. We are not trying to blame anyone. We take responsibility for it," said Mr Chidambaram adding, that the Red-Corner alert should have been cancelled and Wazhul Khan's name deleted from the list.

The Home Minister said the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was not informed of Wazhul Khan's arrest by the Mumbai police. "It was also a lapse on the part of the Intelligence Bureau (IB)," admitted Mr Chidambaram.


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Investigate Marriott Hotel, you will find people behind it Indian.

When Interior minister Malk ul Mout will be gone, then there will be lots of thing underneath.

And US Haqani will be gone.

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People on Indian Forums are really pissed off on this news. I just read it on Time of India and comments from Indian public were quite interesting.

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Slowly, one by one this list will disappear and then many secrets of the secret activities of the raw will become evident once the Pakistanis publish their own list of who is doing what.
Imagine the level of exchange of information between their agencies! No wonder they blame everything on ISI, that way atleast they are able to generate some sympathy from their own people!


There is no doubt that indian agency RAW and others are too inefficient,eating paan parag !!

They are bunch of bureaucrats who have never been associated with discipline,army or even police!!

But no one can deny presence of Dawood ibhrahim,chhota shakeel !!

Dawood married his daughter to Javed miandad son!!Hafeez saeed is daily in pakistan media!!

MUMBAI: The extraordinary discovery that Osama bin Laden had been living in a comfortable complex an hour's drive from Islamabad has put the Pakistani establishment in a tight spot, exposing, many say, its active role in sheltering a clutch of terrorists and underworld elements.

Despite evidence produced by New Delhi to the contrary, Pakistani leaders have for years rebuffed claims that criminals and terrorists sought by the Indian government are living on its soil. They consistently denied knowledge of Dawood Ibrahim operating out of Karachi and even brushed aside news reports of his daughter's lavish wedding in Dubai.

Police say that Dawood is only the most prominent of names receiving sanctuary across the border. Besides him, Karachi is playing host to Dawood's brother Anees and his lieutenants Chhota Shakeel, Tiger Memon, Aftab Bhatki, Edda Yakoob and Fahim Machmach.

The list is longer. Mumbai train blasts suspects Riyaz Bhatkal and brother Iqbal Bhatkal are also said to be living in Pakistan.

The migration of India's most wanted to Pakistan occurred in the 1990s after New Delhi signed an extradition treaty with the United Arab Emirates, where many of them had taken refuge.

"In 2005, Dawood's daughter got married to cricketer Javed Miandad's son in a big ceremony. Later, his brother Noora died and the entire Pakistani media reported about it. And yet the Pakistani government kept denying the don's presence on its soil," said a senior police officer.

Indian intelligence agencies say that they have specific information that Dawood and his gang are currently staying in Karachi's Clifton area. On Monday, home minister P Chidambaram raised the issue when he issued a statement, saying that Osama bin Laden's death "deep inside Pakistan... underlines our concern that terrorists belonging to different organizations find sanctuary in Pakistan."

Chidambaram also raised the subject of the 26/11 terror attack. "We believe that the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attack , including the controllers and handlers of the terrorists who actually carried out the attack, continue to be sheltered in Pakistan."

A senior IPS officer told TOI: "We got Abu Salem extradited from Portugal ; we brought Bunty Pandey from Vietnam and Iqbal Kaskar from Dubai. More than two dozen Dawood aides were handed over to us by Dubai and Southeast Asian countries. But Pakistan has never cooperated. Several Indian officials have held bilateral meetings with their Pakistan counterparts, but they have never given up these criminals and terrorists."

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