1. ب

    یوکرین - روس بمقابلہ پاکستان - انڈیا

    یوکرین - روس بمقابلہ پاکستان - انڈیا ایک تقابلی جائزہ لیتے ہیں ان ملکوں کی فوجی طاقت کا۔ جیسے روس کے مقابلے میں یوکرین ایک چھوٹا اور کمزور ملک ہے، تقریباً ویسے ہی جیسے انڈیا کے مقابلے میں پاکستان۔ پاکستان نے ایسا کیا کام کیا کہ باوجود تمام ترمعاشی ، عددی اور فوجی برتری کے باوجود بھارت...
  2. Pride.of.Pakistan

    Quaid-Azam MA Jinnah & Jaswant Singh's Book

    ١٧ اگست ٢٠٠٩ء کو جسونت سنگھ کی تحریر کردہ ایک کتاب جاری ہوئی جس نے ہندوستان میں ایک بھونچال مچا دیا۔ اس کتاب کا موضوع قائد اعظم محمد علی جناح رحمة الله عليه اور تقسیمِ ہند سے جڑی ہوئی سیاست تھا۔
  3. R

    Thought provoking video. Why only Muslims or Muslims countries are in War

  4. AxxN.RR

    Shocked And Very Scared Chinese Army.. Eye Opener News.

    Shocked And Very Scared Chinese Troops Began Fleeing After Witnessing Indian Army's Sheer Fighting Force The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was shocked, very scared and panicking after Indian Army responded to its unprovoked and pre-planned attack in Eastern Ladakh's Galwan valley. As...
  5. AxxN.RR

    India elected to UN Security Council with overwhelming majority..

    There were 192 Member States present for voting and the 2/3 required majority was 128. India garnered 184 votes. India has been elected to the Security Council with an overwhelming majority of 184 votes running on a platform of fighting terrorism and promoting the ethos of "Vasudhaiva...
  6. ب

    Tea is Fantastic for the cowards of Indian Army-Pls read !!

    India has almost accepted the Chinese right on more than 60 square kilometres of Indian-patrolled territory in the last month – equally divided between the northern bank of the Pangong Lake and the Galwan River sectors (newly captured). Pls read how an Indian ex-security official writes about...
  7. Digital_Pakistani

    Intolerant India, Economist Magazine.

    How one man @narendramodi could push a country’s image from shinning to intolerant. Leaders are very important. They set the tone. Thank God, we have a peace lover. Shahbaz Gil.
  8. W

    Asad Owaisi: We gave shelter to Tiger Siddiqui who created Mukhti Bahani, then Bangladesh was formed

    (Listen from 1:54m) Sympathizer of Asad Owaisi & his leaders needs to watch this. Listen & think. Indian Muslims also supported Mukhti Bahani by giving support & shelter and helped Indian government to break eastern part of Pakistan. اسد اویسی اقرار کرتے ہوئے ہم نے ٹائیگر صدیقی کوپناہ دی جس...
  9. GTV Pakistan

    Javed Akhtar In CAA Protest, Students Sing Hum Dekhen Gay In Protest Against CAB

  10. GTV Pakistan

    Hum dekhain gay lazim hai Faiz Ahmad Faiz Poetry Banned In India



    In June 2019, CJP led a delegation of eminent lawyers and journalists to Assam to take stock of ground realities. During our visit to Bijni in Chirang district we met Biswanath Das whose 70 year old mother Parbati has been languishing in the Kokrajhar Detention Camp for over 2 years and 8...
  12. Siasi Jasoos

    Big achievement of Pakistan in UN - Justice Asif Khosa - Sami Ibrahim Analysis


    US Democrats presidential candidate criticism on india

    There is developing story and a standoff between US democrats and Indian government. Indian side cancelled meeting with Democrats because of the presence of a member very vocal on Kashmir. After incident there is growing support and criticism that how come India can decide that who would be part...
  14. Siasi Jasoos

    FM Qureshi boycotts Indian minister’s speech at Istanbul conference

    ISTANBUL: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday boycotted the speech of the Indian delegate at a regional conference in the Turkish city of Istanbul. The 8th Ministerial Conference of Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process – which seeks to promote peace in Afghanistan – was convened on Monday...

    Sikhs complaining about Indian Government

    Insulting attitude of Indian government and Sikhs are speaking up. After returning from kartarpur they are seen with suspicious
  16. Asad Varda

    If All Nuclear Bombs Were Detonated At Once

    South Asia’s two superpowers — Pakistan and India — are escalating #Nuclear tensions, each side is Threating the other with Nuclear but only humanity will suffer in the end. No side is willing to commit as ‘no first use’. India has been taking provoking steps for domestic political gains further...