A todo list for Imran Khan


A todo list of Imran khan:

I suggest if IK really wants welfare of Pakistan he should emphasize on following points and give up harping on resignation of PM.

1. Ensure that govt puts up enough power plants to remove load shedding and for industrial development. Prepare a plan and give it to the govt and keep it within resources of the country and monitor that it is done.
2. Carry out Election reforms and make it so fool proof that no one can blame anyone for rigging?

3. Ask NS to Fill up all important posts in the govt which are vacant, within one month. (of course on merit).

4. Ask NS to fund the Rawalpindi metro bus service from his personal reserves, on build and operate

basis. Let his son run it, instead of joining the politics. It is hardly 40 billion Rs, not much for NS empire. This will ensure NS and his family funds investment in the country.

5. Ask Nawaz Shareef to bring back his major investment from abroad into Pakistan. Carry out investigation and give realistic estimates of his investment abroad. Let him buy Lahore metro from Pakistan govt and give it to one of his sons or nephews and run it on built and operate basis.

6. Ask Zardari to bring back all money from Swiss banks and invest in own country. Ask him to put 3 power plants in Pakistan, from his personal reserves, on build and operate basis. Let Blawal Bhuto run it instead of joining the politics. Let us get rid of a family ruling the destiny of Pakistan. Aitzaz Hussain should take over PPP, notwithstanding is unparliamentary speech in parliament.

7. Ask NS to remove all his relatives from all govt posts. Also, ban all his progenies to get any contract from Pak govt. Make it a law for future. No politician progenitor will get any contract from govt.

8. Prepare a feasible plan of dams in the country. Give it to govt for implementation. Get a consensus on it from all parties, after a parliament debate. So, that any future govt does not dump it. But be realistic. Remember, if you come to power you will have to implement all that.

9. Prepare a flood protection plan, be realistic keeping in view the resources of the country. Remember if NS does not implement it and you come to power you will have to do it. Debate it in parliament and get consensus.

10. Make an example of KPK, and show whole Pakistan, how you will govern the whole country. Make KPK a new mini Pakistan where everyone gets his rights, and justice and is able to earn his livelihood.

11. Dont make false promises which you cannot fulfill. If the rate of production of electricity is Rs 30 per unit, how can you ask people to pay only Rs 15. Can a poor country like Pakistan afford subsidy on everything?

There are many more things, but for the time being, please get these done. I am sure they will keep your hands full for next 4 years and you will have no time to indulge in politics that are disturbing the peace and future of country. Give up negative politics like resignation and investigation of rigging of elections. Think positive, be constructive and look towards future and think of Pakistan and not for your own self and your own ego.
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