1. U

    جب پاکستان ہاکی کا عالمی چیمپئین بنا

  2. wasiqjaved

    Pakistan wins IDEA Youth Forum Mexico 2012 KDPC Final Debate: Pakistan vs South Korea

    IDEA Youth Forum Mexico 2012 KDPC Final Debate: Pakistan vs South KoreaDebate Interview After Win ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pakistan wins KPDC 2012 IDEA Network News...
  3. harisuae

    World Champion India Ki Durgat - England celebrate No. 1 with 4-0 win

    England won Test Series by 4-0 This is World Champion.................... Even Pakistan won a test against England last year with weak batting. Sri Lanka Drawn 2 Tests against England in their recent series.
  4. lafatah

    Who will win Cities in the next GE

    I feel that the next prime minister will come from a Big City this time. Karachi will have a very very split vote this time around with ANP and PPP using military wings to enhance thier reputation while MQM is watching thier territory receding. Moreover, the middle class and the upper middle...
  5. P

    Voting PTI Will Make PPP Win Next Elections - Dr Farrukh Saleem Dr.Farrukh saleem In 2008, Karachi elected 20 MNAs, the most from any one city. The MQM won 17 general seats and the PPP won three. The NA-239, 248 and 258 are PPP strongholds. In NA-248, Nabeel Ahmed Gabol of PPP polled some...
  6. Geek

    Pakistan defeat India, win U-16 SAFF Chaimpionship

    KATHMANDU: Pakistan on Wednesday defeated India 2-1 to win the U-16 South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship in Katmandu. Pakistan had earlier defeated India 1-0 during a group stage match and entered the final courtesy a 2-0 win over Bangladesh when they left the scoring to the last...
  7. Z

    Why Imran Khan will win: A rebuttal to Farrukh Saleem

    Why Imran Khan will win Zirgham Nabi Afridi With his piece titled Why Imran cannot win (July 27), Mr Farrukh Saleem joined the ranks of the few columnists and armchair intellectuals who defend the status quo, who are desperately trying to persuade people that despite the PTIs rising...
  8. F

    ZARDARI win over Supreme Court - CJ - ZARDARI WIN THE WORLD CUP

    As I said yeterday, ZARDARI will win the Pakistan Political world cup. Aik Zardari sub pay bhari - Zardari is the best politician ever in Pakistan Qeustion to think? Who will be NEXT PM/PRESIDENT in NEXT ELECTION? I am guessing now ZARDARI WILL STAY another FIVE YEARS.
  9. Narcissist

    Why Imran Khan will not win in next election !!!

  10. Arslan

    Imran Khan's One on One Interview with Indus TV (Guarntees the win in next elections)

  11. A

    How pti will win the election if they dont have candidate?

    Please ptis lovers tell me how will you win election if you dont have candidates in bolochistan , pakhtoon khawa , sindh and not even in janoobi punjab ..... Kia aap yeh nahi samajte ke mulk ke sirf mehdood area main aur eik party ko nishana bana ke america aur establishment ke raste hamwar...
  12. Z

    Why PPP will not win in 2013...

    A plan, but only on paper Cyril Almeida WELL, whaddya know. The PML-N and the MQM, disillusioned lovers who fall into each others arms occasionally, are at it again. There will be a strong opposition now, and it will try and rope in other wayward souls like the JUI-F cohort. Well...
  13. T

    PTI vs REST , who will win next election

    PTI will win around 27 seats in from Urban Sindh PTI will win arounf 50+ seats from Rural Sindh (MQM & PPP wiped out from the political map) PTI will win 99% percent seats from Punjab (PML(N) & Q wiped out from political map) same would happen in PAkhtoonkhawa and Balauchistan So after...
  14. A

    Sensational win for Rawalpindi Rams at the end of a thrilling final.

    (clap)They run around the field in a victory lap. Thoroughly deserving win, they held their nerve in the Super Over, both with bat and ball. Karachi will be left wondering, What If, but that's the way Twenty20 goes. Awards Best bat: Rameez Best Bowler: Sohail Khan Best Fielders...
  15. E

    Pakistani cyclists win Gold in Special Olympics!
  16. P

    corruption is their protection,corruption keeps them safe in war,corruption is why they win..... ye log corruption ko farogh dety hain just to attain their interests and that's pathetic.......
  17. saeed khan

    What if PMLN and PPP do not win next election

    I was thinking what will happen if in coming elections people reject PMLN and PPP and elect any other party? What would you feel like? I am pleased in advance even thinking about it.
  18. taq12345

    What if PTI doesn't win the next elections?

    I for one would be absolutely gutted...I would lose all hope probably. What would you feel like? It makes me so sad even thinking about it.
  19. simple_and_peacefull

    Junior Asia Cup: Pakistan record 17-goal win against Taiwan

    SINGAPORE: Pakistan made another huge win in the Junior Asia Cup Hockey tournament here when they outclassed Taiwan by 17 goals, Geo News reported. This is Pakistans second successive win in the tournament as they had defeated Brunei by 18 goals in the first match a day earlier. Asad...
  20. chitra

    Man Thoughts-Men can never win, Can they ??

    Thought 1 When we are born, our mothers get the compliments and the flowers. When we are married, our brides get the presents and the publicity. When we die, our widows get the life insurance. What do women want to be liberated from? Thought 2 The average man's life consists of...