1. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Battagram Jalsa: Huge Gathering & Emotionally Charged Crowd.

    Keeping in view the Population of Battagram, and as we know no local women participation....No Exaggeration this is a Huge Gathering.
  2. Sher_ka_Shakari

    PTI to launch something big in Peshwar Jalsa: Guess What ?

    ? Guess What ????????
  3. Sher_ka_Shakari

    IK given traditional Cap and Shawl in Mansehra

    Imran Khan given traditional Cap and Shawl at Mansehra Ma sha Allah, IK rocks in every style.....:You_Rock_Emoticon: Imran Khan addressing a Gathering at Khoari Adda Manshera Imran Khan reception at Punjab Chowk Mansehra
  4. Sher_ka_Shakari

    ARMY: The Last Hope for a Free and Fair Election

    ​ ECP itself is good for Nothing, Lets Hope Army plays a Positive role in holding Free and Fair Elections and some big decisions are taken in this meeting. Ideal situation will be if Army quietly stands behind the ECP, and gives them the required boost.
  5. Sher_ka_Shakari

    No fake degree holder can be blocked by ECP, members Admit We are Helpless

    آییں، ساری قوم مل کر فخرو بھائی کی ایمانداری کا اچار ڈال کر اس کو چاٹتے ہیں
  6. Flyingfalcon

    Imran Khan in Hazara - **Post all Updates Here**

    Imran khan speech at Haripur imran Khan addressing in Abbottabad imran khan at Hawalian
  7. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Contractual Employees betrayed by Punjab Govt.

    Breaking News: Geo TV Couple of days ago Mr. Shahbaz announced that all Government Contract employee's shall be made permanent. Today the reality of that order has been exposed. A committee of higher officials of Civil Secretariat has been formed, which has announced that the Educational...
  8. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Thankfully one of the Better steps towards Free & Fair Polls

    Shakeel Anjum ISLAMABAD: Entire district administrations and operational police setup would be changed with the fall of national and provincial assemblies, the sources placed in the relevant office of Interior Ministry, told The News. The officers, appointed on political influence, would...
  9. Sher_ka_Shakari

    منی کیوں بدنام ہو رہی ہے؟ - شاہین صہبائی

    Army must intervene, only to the extent of holding Free and Fair Elections, otherwise it would be chaos after the elections if rigged. Is Army waiting that to happen? so that they are able to say Enough is Enough, Good Bye all of you, Sit back, since we are Back. If not then they must use their...
  10. Machar

    InshaAllah! Imran Khan Hazara Tour 5 & 6 March Promo

  11. Sher_ka_Shakari

    We Supported Shahbaz Sharif to become CM Punjab - ASWJ

    http://e.jang.com.pk/02-28-2013/lahore/pic.asp?picname=1818.gif PMLN Saying: Tum Kitnay Jhoot Pakrooy gey, Har moun sey Jhoot niklay ga. Maryam: Papa party ke izzat bechnay k badlay ASWJ(LeJ) walay seat adjustment k liay tayar hein. Nawaz Noora: Bache dey Bache dey Bache dey
  12. Machar

    PTI elections an example for other parties: Imran Khan

    ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday congratulated the PTI workers on the completion of the second phase of intra-party elections, stating that the PTI workers had set a new model of true party polls in line with true democratic norms. It is no doubt a...
  13. Sher_ka_Shakari

    اس عاشقی میں عزت سادات نہ جاے

  14. Sher_ka_Shakari

    تفصیل نہ پوچھ ، ہیں اشارے ہی کافی

  15. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Abdul Aleem Khan of Unity Group wins Lahore President Seat

    Abdul Aleem Khan almost wins Lahore President Seat leads by 40 votes while Hafiz Farhat leads by 17 votes for General Secretary as Count Continues but almost complete. PTI Elections Lahore were held today at the Aiwan-i-Iqbal. As many as 1990 voters cast their votes for Lahore district. Each...
  16. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Why I Want Imran Khan to Lead Pakistan

    Why I want Imran Khan to Lead Pakistan People say Imran Khan is a failed politician! I fully endorse their views and respect their thoughts; there is no doubt Imran Khan (IK) as a Politician, is a Failure. If someone allows me, I call him an utter disaster in politics. But, wait a minute...
  17. Arslan

    Aapas Ki Baat - 26th February 2013 - Is Imran Khan still a factor to reckon with??

    Party positions and the new wave of electoral alliances. PPP, PMLN and PTI: Where do they stand before elections? ??? ??????? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ??????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ...
  18. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Punjab Govt. Instructs to Block and Beat up Team of Khara Sach

    Mubasher Lucman ‏@MubasherLucman All hospitals in Punjab instructed to block and beat up team of Khara Sach if it enters to record the conditions. #SorryWeAlreadyHaveItAll Yazdan Mehdi ‏@YazdanMehdi @MubasherLucman sir be careful they have allies with ASWJ..... May God keep you safe so you can...
  19. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Hamaray Soany kay Shanshah

  20. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Don't compare Imran Khan with Nawaz Sharif & Maulana Fazl ur Rehman" - Munawar Hasan

    Munawar Hassan a seasoned politician admits that Imran Khan has improved as a politician rapidly and others should follow suit by changing themselves using their experience.