Contractual Employees betrayed by Punjab Govt.


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Breaking News: Geo TV

Couple of days ago Mr. Shahbaz announced that all Government Contract employee's shall be made permanent. Today the reality of that order has been exposed. A committee of higher officials of Civil Secretariat has been formed, which has announced that the Educational Qualifications, Degrees, Abilities and Eligibility of the employees from Grade 1 to Grade 15 shall be verified and only those who will qualify the criteria shall be notified as permanent.

Important thing to note is that as per Mr. Shahbaz announcement the total number of employee's is about 100,000 and we can easily conclude that if the committee uses all its resources to check the above mentioned criteria of each and every employee it will take several months, may be years, as we are completely aware about the working efficiency of our Govt. officials.

The disappointed employee's said that the main purpose of his announcement is to build a perception among the employees that if they vote for PMLN, then in the next CM ship of Showbaz they shall be made permanent.

To the utmost dismay of Showbaz, the contractual employees have declared this as a political gimmicky (Rang Bazi) of Showbaz and declared that yet again they are betrayed by PMLN.

While protesting outside the Civil Secretariat Lahore,
Employees have said that Showbaz has tried to give them a CHUSANI (Baby Pacifier) as they kept on shouting SHAHBAZ CHUSANI hai hai......SHAHBAZ CHUSANI hai hai.

We must congratulate Mr. Showbaz Sharif on being coined with a new term SHAHBAZ CHUSANI.

Here is the news due to which he gets a historical name Shahbaz Chusani.


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Excellent Name

Sara punjab tow chuss lia hai, Shahbaz chusani the new name looks very much relevant as well.

Yaar Kahan IK introduced Naya Pakistan aur kahan Showbaz ka Naya Naam Shahbaz Chusani, boltay hi hassa nahin

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one big reason for Pakistan problems is these govt. employees (all dept.) Work and get paid until you do work nicely.what is contract and permanent?