Why I Want Imran Khan to Lead Pakistan


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Why I want Imran Khan to Lead Pakistan

People say Imran Khan is a failed politician!

I fully endorse their views and respect their thoughts; there is no doubt Imran Khan (IK) as a Politician, is a Failure. If someone allows me, I call him an utter disaster in politics. But, wait a minute! I do not call him a Politician, to me Mr. Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi is a Statesman. Let me compare a few notes on IK the Statesman versus Conventional Politicians of Pakistan:

1. A politician thinks of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation. IK did not contest 2008 election after promising to boycott or did he?

2. A politician thinks of himself first, a statesman thinks of the country first. IK doesn’t have lavish properties outside the country.

3. Anyone elected to office is a politician; a statesman promotes the public good with integrity. (Statespersonship conveys a quality of leadership that organically brings people together; and of eldership, a spirit of caring for others and for the whole.) Is there any politician in Pakistan who promotes the public good with integrity? There is none, but a statesman IK satisfies this criterion to the utmost.

4. A statesman is governed by the following principle: I must do what is best for the people as a whole. His job is political probity, even though he may face horrible conditions for carrying it out. What are the principles of our Politicians, if there are any that would be news to me. IK has been the most consistent statesman. IK is working against all odds.

5. A politician makes the possible necessary, while a statesman makes the necessary possible. Tax Evasion is easily possible in present day Pakistan and most politicians have made it a necessary modus operandi in their lives. The statesman IK has made the tax payment necessary for himself.

6. A politician talks the talk; a statesman walks the walk. Present day Pakistani politicians talk about drone attack, but who went FATA to raise international awareness?

We, the Pakistanis, cannot afford to have yet another Politician to lead Pakistan. It is ripe time for us to elect a Statesman. PTI is the only political party that is led by a charismatic, energetic, visionary, passionate Statesman whose integrity cannot be questioned – IMRAN KHAN.

Vote PTI to make a rendezvous with our destiny. The destiny which was dreamt by Iqbal and visualized by Jinnah.
May Allah help us in achieving our endeavors and give strength to PTI, its workers, its leaders and its well-wishers to toil for the ultimate. May Allah open the eyes of day dreamers who blindly follow the looters of this nation.
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exactly, Imran Khan ko politician kehna imran khan ki tauheen hai, kyun ke Pakistan ki politics nihait hi ghatiya hai.

Imran is not a politician ! he's a Nationalist!
Imran khan is not a politcian, he is leader. we dont need a politician , we need a leader


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عمران بھی عظیم ہے
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We are witnessing history in action.

We will be proudly recounting these events to our children of how PAKISTAN became a great nation.


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to be honest I never even consider him to be a politician to me he is like an ordinary person saving Pakistan like a true Pakistani.


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exactly, Imran Khan ko politician kehna imran khan ki tauheen hai, kyun ke Pakistan ki politics nihait hi ghatiya hai.

Imran is not a politician ! he's a Nationalist!
I would call him a statesman, we would forever be grateful to him. I don't know whether he will win election or not but he surely will go down in history as the greatest leader this land has ever produced.


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Why I declare IK as a Leader because I have learnt a lot from the experiences of his life, full struggle and devotion, after following him since 2008.

So he is not only my political leader but a leader of my life as well.


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Very nice words bro.

I have been saying this for ages, he is a LEADER amongst DEALERS. He may not be a good politician but if we really think we need a politician more than a leader at this stage then i feel sorry for such people. All i can say is NOTHING is more important than country, this is a war like situation and we cannot afford to be loyal to old parties that FAILED to resolve country's problems.