No fake degree holder can be blocked by ECP, members Admit We are Helpless


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آییں، ساری قوم مل کر فخرو بھائی کی ایمانداری کا اچار ڈال کر اس کو چاٹتے ہیں

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Re: ECP Members Openly Edmit We are Helpless

true, it's clearly evident, itne budhe log ho gayian tu yeh hi ho gaya.
if a person is honest he/ she should also be brave.


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Re: ECP Members Openly Edmit We are Helpless



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Re: ECP Members Openly Edmit We are Helpless

fakhroo is honest but he does not have table tennis balls ... hoor choopo... appointing fakhroo was delibrate and these goons knew how much stemina he has... IK just looked at him from the surface but could not X_Ray his rotton guttes

shahz khan

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Re: ECP Members Openly Edmit We are Helpless

baba ji fakhru chacha mitha mitha kaye jao ute rola paye jao


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Re: ECP Members Openly Edmit We are Helpless

baba ji fakhru chacha mitha mitha kaye jao ute rola paye jao
did he ever sit alone and think that he is going to die any time .... and before dieying he should do something for the betterment of this country.... i think someone has told him that he is going to live for 150 years... what kind of muslims we are...


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Re: ECP Members Openly Edmit We are Helpless

At least the members have been honest(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)

and yes they are helpless and useless.


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Re: ECP Members Openly Edmit We are Helpless

Did he ever sit alone and think that he is going to die any time?
Idont think so,uskay khayal main shayad ussay AAB e HAYAT pila dia gaya hay.


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ECP or Election Com kitna azaad ya kitna khud mukhtyar

ECP ka sab se sakht aut kara imtihan aanay wala hai, ham sab ko poori terha andaza ho jaey ga k ye Election Commission kitna azaad aur khud mukhtiyar tha,
aisey bohat se election main candidates hein jin ko ham sab achi terha jantay hein k ya to wo corrupt hein ya phir unho ne jhoota oath uthaya, ya fraud ya dhoka dahi se kaam liaa,,
Amin Fahim
Sheikh Waqas Akram
Raza Haroon
Haider abbas rizvi
Monis Elahi
Rehman Malik
Jamshed Dasti.
ye sirf chund naam hein,,, list bohat lambi hai, agar aap log mazeed naam add kerna chahein to plz add kijiay, ta k ham awaam ko maloom ho sakay k ye tamam politicians jo k corrupt b hein jhootay b hein wo 62 or 63 per poora utartey hein ya nahi,,, aur Election Commission kiya action leta hai

Khuram Shahzad

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4 out of 5 members political appointees. The ECP cannot stop regularisation of employees, enforcing the code of conduct, spending of money to the allotted levels, verifying fake degrees, implementing articles 62 and 63 what the hell are they there for. I think it will be a sham election and the same old people corrupt looters coming back. We will have another 5 yrs of no good for the common person then a couple of icon projects to dupe the people and the politicians fill their coffers. Unfortunately I see no good for the common people. I also ask a question what is democracy is it just putting something in a box after 5 yrs?


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چار سوال پوچھے بغير ووٹ دينا جرم ہے
پيسہ کہاں سے آيا
اثاثے کيا ہيں اور کہاں سے آئے
کاروبار کيا ہيں اور کتنے ہيں
واجبات ادا کئے بجلي گيس اور پٹرول کے بل


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Tou Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri koi Farsi bool raha tha 2 months pehlay, jo yehi baat kisi ki samaj mein nahi aa rehi thi??? Dr Qadri is right.


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Re: ECP Members Openly Admit We are Helpless

Dr Qadri was 100% right.

Not only he was right, he is purposefully sidelined, otherwise how Nawaz could win the next elections.

I am afraid, PTI supporters here are slow to get to the point.

When I pointed to the possibility PTI joining Qadri, getting hold of the agenda and then sidelining him. Many didn't get my drift. So many of PTI supporters opposed what I wrote.

The fact is, this ECP had been fixed ages ago before Justice Ibrahim was appointed. The whole game is played by Ishq Dar, he was instrumental for 18th Amendment and then ring fencing the appointment of ECP members through 20th Amendment. Now there is no way of getting rid of these commission members until their terms end or they resign. They wouldn't resign, they had been given tasks by their political masters. Only God knows what they would be given in lieu.

I thought if PTI join Qadri and sideline him, they can work to defeat this agenda. That was the time public agitation to be used to get rid of PPP and PMLN dirty designs on the next elections.

PMLN is working systematically to defeat PTI, apart from obvious voter's bribes, they have worked hard on selected projects to fool people. They have opened their gates for every Tom Dic*k and Harry to show to Pakistanis, political leaders are flocking to their nest as the most popular party. Even though they criticise PTI in the past for doing it, and still criticise PTI.

Now they are playing the games by paying these pollsters to conduct survey showing PMLN as the most popular party.

Why PTI didn't understand that PMLN are all geared up to nullified popularity PTI was getting from their Lahore and subsequent jalsas? They have adopted a long term approach to steal the elections, and nullify the threat of PTI.

I want all PTI supporters to think for a minute.

Next elections stolen through ECP. What PTI would do?

If they agitate, PMLN would not listen to them. Press wouldn't listen to them, and would point out that polls were showing PMLN as the most popular party and your support was diminishing, which has reflected in the elections. I have warned many times, in by elections PMLN has practiced MQM tactics how to steal the elections. They wouldn't let PTI win in the majority of seats, they will steal the elections.

PTI wouldn't be able to do anything then. Time was when Qadri had the ball rolling, PTI should have stolen his thunder use it for their own benefit to push the members of the ECP to resign immediately.

If they become co-petitioner in Qadri's petition to the SCP, CJ wouldn't be able to humiliate Qadri and in the guise of his humiliation on the basis of holding Canada's nationality, get rid of a genuine petition.

Now the only hope for PTI is that it gains momentum from 23rd March and accumulate votes in such numbers that PMLN stealing of the elections became difficult.

Or we should all get ready to face the same criminals destroying Pakistan.
Who we going to call?

CJ, Kiyani, Ibrahim would all be gone soon. Pakistan would be left with death and destruction. Sad sad situation.:angry_smile:


Thank you @crankthskunk . I used to say that the struggle of Dr Qadri can benefit only PTI but unfortunately PTI supporters were so over confident that they had no idea what is going on. Still there is a chance, Dr Qadri is coming back and PTI should support him and join him in Rawalpindi on 17 March.