1. L

    Saudi contractor claims his visas stolen and sold' Hun Fer Mojaan E Mojaan

    By Arab News HAFR AL-BATIN: More than 100 work visas were stolen from a contracting company within days after they were approved. The Labor Office in Hafr Al-Batin issued the visas to a contracting company to recruit workers from various countries a few days ago. However, soon after issuance...
  2. L

    Pakistani Embassy in United States issued 67 visas to CIA Agents / Pakistan imposed restrictions on

    Pakistani Embassy in United States issued 87 visas to CIA Agents / Pakistan imposed restrictions on US embassy staff movement Washington: Deputy Spokesman of the State Department has said that no movement was being launched in US against Pakistani institutions.While briefing the media persons...
  3. gazoomartian

    Embassy issues 67 visas for CIA staff

    Gazoo Notes: some people still think that CIA operatives can be trusted. We should embrace for more Raymond Davis style murders of our citizens. I wonder Zardari has made $67million to approves 67 visas. al aman al hafeez(cry) WASHINGTON, June 22: The Pakistan Embassy here has issued 67...
  4. B

    Kuwait bans visas for Pakistan.

    KUWAIT: Kuwait banned nationals from five countries including Pakistan from entering the Gulf coutry, according to immigration sources quoted by Kuwaiti media. The ban, imposed on Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, includes suspending all tourism, visit and trade visas as well as...
  5. C

    7000 Visas have been issued to Americans under Zardari's Order- ISI Officials

  6. karachiwala

    No Visa for US personnel without security clearence / How visas were issued to US personnel

  7. canadian

    UK unveils new curbs on student visas !!!

    The new rules aim to cut overall levels of non-EU immigration into Britain. LONDON: The UK government has toughened rules for admitting foreign students to its educational institutions. The stricter rules will include a more stringent requirement on foreign students ability to speak English...
  8. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    World Cup: India issues 5,000 visas for Pakistani spectators / India poised for Pakistan semi-final

    World Cup: India issues 5,000 visas for Pakistani spectators By PPI Published: March 21, 2011 Fans cheer before the start of the ICC Cricket World Cup group A match between Australia and Pakistan. PHOTO: AFP NEW DELHI: India has issued 5,000 visas to Pakistanis to facilitate their...
  9. K

    20 Carore and USA Visas are a lot......

    Hallo, I dont know what is the fuss about, everyone knew that Rymond Davis will be freed sooner or later.... The response by the nation is also evident from the last few days...... No one came out and no one needs to come out as the heirs themselves have gone for money and visas. Who are dead...
  10. karachiwala

    American Agents still getting visas to get into Pakistan