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  1. Sher_ka_Shakari

    PTI fundraiser aims for Guinness Book record

    KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s youth wing has come up with an innovative strategy to raise funds to finance its youth members to contest the upcoming general elections. Ahmad Moeenuddin and Ali Mehdi of the PTI Youth Wing launched where blocks of pixels can be bought...
  2. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Perfect Assessment of Imran Khan & Upcoming Elections: Amir Mateen

    Amir Mateen The biggest mystery about Imran Khan remains his ideology. You will be as confused as anybody else if you try to explore the question in classical ideological terms. For all we know, Imran has cooked this broth of moderate rightists and religious extremist with a little garnishing...
  3. C

    Imran Khan's Speech @ PTI's 23rd March Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsaa - **Official Update Thread*

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  4. Sher_ka_Shakari

    "I have not joined PMLN, the news on some tv channels is incorrect" - Awais Leghari on twitter

    Awais Leghari ‏@akleghari 18m I have not joined pml n. the news on some tv channels is incorrect.I am surprised at the pathetic state of rumors and articles in the press these days. Responsible media is the need of this country
  5. Sher_ka_Shakari

    PTI rally Matters-Not Just the Size: Amir Mateen

    Amir Mateen This goes without saying that all eyes are set on the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf rally on March 23.Why? This may be the only factor that might stop the PML-N onslaught in the central Punjab where the mighty PPP and PML-Q stalwarts are falling as nine pins. It’s not just about the...
  6. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Aleem Khan Shuts UP all Conspiring against PTI Unity

    PTI ‏@PTIofficial Mian Mehmood Rasheed got another standing ovation on his way to the podium PTI ‏@PTIofficial Aleem Khan speaking now "Ab na koi Unity Group hai, na Nazaryaati Group, yahan sirf aik group, hai #PTI group" Aleem Khan "Yeh Aleem Khan ka daftar nahi, yeh Mian Mehmood...
  7. Sher_ka_Shakari

    115 out of 167 Sindh MPs did not pay tax.

    ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Assembly, like the federal and other provincial legislatures, is not immune to tax evasion as 115 out of 167 MPAs have declared under oath that they did not pay income tax at the time of contesting the general elections in 2008. Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah...
  8. Sher_ka_Shakari

    The Reality Behind Extending Caretaker Setup: Syed Talat Hussain

  9. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Suno agar app sun saktay ho tow ?????

    This debate was conducted at GCU...the topic was "Bhook Tehzeeb k adaab Bhula Deti Hai"
  10. Geek

    Malik Riaz Signs 'another' deal worth 20 billion $ with US Company for World's Tallest Building In P

    امریکی سرمایہ کاروں اور بحریہ ٹاؤن کے درمیان سیف سٹی آئی لینڈ کی تعمیری منصوبے کے ایم او یو پر دستخط ہو گئے۔ بحریہ ٹاؤن سمندر میں سیف آئی لینڈ پروجیکٹ شروع کرے گا جسے پل کے ذریعے کراچی سے ملایا جائے گا،۔ کراچی: (دنیا نیوز) بحریہ ٹاؤن کے ترجمان کے مطابق سیف سٹی آئی لینڈ منصوبے پر پندرہ سے بیس...
  11. P

    Click Click Click - PTI's Peshawar Jalsa In Pictures

    No Need to Merge it is just a Link Shared.....Thanks Every Pic you were searching for is a Click Away:
  12. P

    Imran Khan dares to Dream BIG & He Wins BIG

    This huge ground is being prepared to host Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf – Tabdeli Rally – Imran Khan will introduce the newly elected PTI KPK Leadership and has another very important announcement to make.This last year has been a roller coaster of a ride – the status quo, as expected, went dirty on...
  13. xiaahmad

    PTI's Tsunami in Peshawar - Official Jalsa Thread - March 10th 2013 *LIVE STEAMING*

    WATCH LIVE : Preparation for Jalsa are in full swing. According to local reporters and supporters It will be biggest in the history of KPK THIS WILL JUST BE A TRAILER BEFORE MAIN SHOW ON 23RD MARCH IN LAHORE
  14. Geek

    شہباز کا دورہ :دھکم پیل سے خاتوں جان بحق

  15. P

    Article about Bill passed by Assembly against Anchor Person's: Saach TV

  16. N

    عوام خدمت کاموقع ملاتونیا پاکستان بنائیں

    If a Party (Better to call it as a company) and its DUMB Leaders can't make its own SLOGAN, then how can they make a New Pakistan? If they are there just to Steal every of PTI's slogan even and every of its policy. Their so called Manshoor is more than 50% copy of PTI's Policies. And see how...
  17. Sher_ka_Shakari

    Imran Khan's Message to all PTIans

    ​ You have been assigned the Sacred Job to build a Naya Pakistan Come on Junooni's You can Do it... جیسا کے بابا بلے شاہ نے فرمایا اٹھ جاگ کھرا ڑے مار نہیں ،،، اے سوں تیرے درکار نہیں Jago aur jagayo, Contribute your fair share for a Naya Pakistan by setting a target in convincing...
  18. J

    دھماکے ہوتے رہے تو الیکشن نہیں ہوں گے. ملک

  19. Sher_ka_Shakari

    فیصلے کی گھڑی - سہیل احمد

  20. Sher_ka_Shakari

    الیکشن کے بعد کیا ہو گا؟ - حسن نثار