Imran Khan dares to Dream BIG & He Wins BIG


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This huge ground is being prepared to host Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf –
Tabdeli Rally
Imran Khan will introduce the newly elected PTI KPK Leadership and has another very important announcement to make.This last year has been a roller coaster of a ride – the status quo, as expected, went dirty on the peoples movement for change but PTI withstood the storm and have delivered all our promises and are now set to mobilize a genuine peoples movement to the lead up to the elections.

A work force of over 10,000,000+ members – is nothing short of a revolution to bring forth a NAYA PAKISTAN
What I truly love about PTI – is that they continue to challenge themselves – when YOU AIM HIGH – YOU WIN BIG - Imran Khan as a true captain and leader has set high goals for his team and then motivates them to work towards it – this last year you can definitely see his captaincy do wonders for PTI – Opponents have always dug the negative aspect for each, but they too will soon realize the dawn of a new era

  • Lahore Oct 30th Jalsa - was a mammoth risk undertaken by Imran Khan – to plan a Jalsa on the huge Minar-e-Pakistan ground was a risk and it paid its dividends massively - PTI Won Big

  • Karachi Jalsa – was another such risk – even the well established behemoths MQM never dared host a public rally on the massive Mazar-e-Quaid grounds – PTI did and PTI won big

  • Quetta Jalsa - with abundant security concerns [no other party dared hold a Pro-Pakistan jalsa let alone raise the Pakistani flag in Quetta – PTI dared and PTI won big – despite torrential rain the crowd came & welcomed Imran Khan who aimed high, won big

  • Peace March to Waziristan – Imran Khan risked abundant death threats yet stood openly on top of his jeep to welcome the participants, not once but dozens of times risking his life to only highlight the Drones issue and he Dared and he won big

  • Policies – Ever since the Oct 30th 2011 Jalsa – every critic argued that PTI has no plan to solve the mess Pakistan is in, Imran Khan is a cricketer turned politicians with no plans, its no surprise that PTI in this last year has presented to the Public eight polices to the people of Pakistan which highlight its vision for solving Pakistans problems

  • Intra-party elections – a feat NEVER accomplished by any party, to poll over 7,000,000 members this act was critiqued beyond imagination but the PTI Leadership persevered and has completed KPK, nearly completed Punjab, while Sindh and Balochistan are just around the corner – they aimed to set a good example of party democracy in Pakistan and Masha’Allah will win Big

Today in Peshawar awaits a massive & a wet ground looms ahead, the stakes are high – a large crowd at this HUGE ground (In sha’Allah) will rubber stamp the start of PTI’s Tsunami to bring forth a NAYA PAKISTAN

To me this is the art of leadership – a leader gives the vision and then inspires his team to step up to the plate to realize this dream – One example after another will show Pakistan that Imran Khan has set his vision – This is what Pakistan needs

PROUD to be part of this movement for change – all the up’s and down’s have been well worth the headache to see us here –
Its now or never – I WILL VOTE FOR PTI – WILL YOU!
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wow,,,,,,,,,,perfect.........he is a brave person.. what ever he says he means it , and God helps him to keep his promises


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Iqbal had the vision. Quaid made it a reality but did not live long enough to liberate the country from a colonialist mindset. Now for the final and most important part that the PTI will deliver which is to put the Pak in Pakistan by making it a self-sustaning country.

Announcement could be that Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are joining the PTI!:P


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QUICKLY..............SOMEBODY PLEASE HURRY............Send this picture to Pervaiz Rasheed so he can count chairs