Aleem Khan Shuts UP all Conspiring against PTI Unity


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PTI ‏@PTIofficial
Mian Mehmood Rasheed got another standing ovation on his way to the podium

PTI ‏@PTIofficial
Aleem Khan speaking now


"Ab na koi Unity Group hai, na Nazaryaati Group, yahan sirf aik group, hai #PTI group" Aleem Khan

"Yeh Aleem Khan ka daftar nahi, yeh Mian Mehmood Rasheed ka daftar hai, yeh Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ka daftar hai" Aleem Khan

"Kal se Aap ko Lahore mein har taraf #PTI Nazar Aaye gi" Aleem Khan

GREAT to see......PTIan's Getting UNITED.
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shabash good to hear keh "kal say lahore mai aap her taraf PTI dekhain gay "insha Allah.hum PTI ko puray pakistan mai dekhna chahtay hain.


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very supporting photo.Also PTI workers unite under leadership and bring party in power with grace of Allah

Zulfi Khan

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All the PTI leaders and supporters must exercise control over their language against
one another and be united in their efforts against PPP,PML(N) and PML(Q).


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that's called the spirit and patriotism.........well done PTI tigers .........:You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon::You_Rock_Emoticon:


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Just Imagine disappointment of pmln nothing got from pti election .lk makes govt or goes in opp the days of PPP and pmln are numberednumbered. Seems like lk outclassed all parties.people think it is great victory lk that he compelled ns to break all principals even before election.