1. U

    Nationality hasil karne ke liye Nikah - Molana Tariq Jameel

  2. aadil jahangeer

    مائیں دوائی سے کہاں ٹھیک ہوتی ہیں بابوجی

    ائی سٹریٹ ساہیوال پر موٹر سائیکل کو پنکچر لگواتے ہوئے میں فیصلہ کر چکا تھا کہ اس ہفتے بھی اپنے گھر واپس کبیروالا نہ ہی جاوں تو بہتر ہے ،دیر تو ویسے بھی ہوچکی تھی اورجہاں پچھلےتین ہفتے گزر گئے ہیں یہ بھی گزار ہی لوں تو گرمیوں کی چھٹیوں میں ایک ہی بار چلا جاوں گا۔ اسی سوچ بچار میں روڈ پر کھڑے میں...
  3. Matie Khan

    "Shuja khanzada was Super hero for me" Jehangir Khanzada,

  4. mohib

    Gaddafi's Son Wife Burnt the Face of Ethiopian Woman - CNN

  5. M

    Salman Taseers son Shahbaz kidnapped from Lahore

    LAHORE: The son of a Pakistani governor who was killed by his bodyguard for his opposition to a harsh blasphemy law this year was kidnapped in the eastern city of Lahore on Friday, police and the family said. Four men on motorbikes intercepted Shahbaz Taseer in his car in the upscale Gulberg...
  6. H

    A man stages murder of her wife with his Girl friend

    His wife with two sons. Kashif and with her lover Stephen. New Jersey: A young couple of Pakistani descent, walking their son in a stroller, was struck by gunfire on a New Jersey street...
  7. sarmad

    Mother & Son with some hope in their eyes(An emotional image from Dharna)

  8. canadian

    O' Great Mother! Look Your Son Has Embraced Martyrdom !!

    O' Great Mother! Look Your Son Has Embraced Martyrdom Posted: 13 Aug 2011 10:24 PM PDT Lt. Yasir Abbas Shaheed In spite of hundreds of terrorist attacks and on goingoperations in tribal areas to crush terrorists Emergency has not been announcedin the country. But with all this can...
  9. pak2010

    Swedish PM's son to flip burgers at McDonald's - This is how they progressed

    Gustaf Reinfeldt, the 18-year-old son of the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has secured a job at US hamburger chain McDonald's, using his Twitter feed to invite friends in for a grilled patty, according to news website "A little work will be fun! Feels really good,"...
  10. patriot

    Haidar Maududi (Son Of Maulana Maududi) Speaks against Jamaat-e-Islami

  11. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Misuse of PM Authority to protect his son
  12. S

    'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh, explains why his son is an innocent victim of America's 'war o

    America's 'detainee 001' – the persecution of John Walker Lindh Frank Lindh, father of 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh, explains why his son is an innocent victim of America's 'war on terror' John Walker Lindh following his capture by US troops in December 2001. Photograph: Getty...
  13. mohib

    Pakistani son of murdered governor sues for 'racial profiling' after he was held over fake plane thr

    The son of a Pakistani official who was assassinated by an Islamic extremist are suing American Airlines after he and his wife were escorted from a plane in handcuffs after a telephone hijacking threat that turned out to be a hoax. Shahbaz Ali Taseer and his wife, Maheen Ghani Taseer, claim...
  14. karachiwala

    The Honorable Father and the Honorable Son

  15. D

    Gaddafi's son interview..."We did mistake by trusting the west" qaddafis son saiful islam is the one who studied in london and due to his liberal views he convinced his father qaddafi to stop libyas nuclear and missile...
  16. A

    The height of ridiculousness, sycophancy: Associated Press of Pak announces results of PM's son

    ISLAMABAD, June 26 (APP): Syed Ali Qasim Gilani, son of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani was awarded second class Honours, Upper Division (2.1) and Bachelor of Science (Business & Finance) from Brunel University, West London (UK). Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari...
  17. ا

    A mother's desperation to save son from extremism

    Maa ke Bebasi کتنی اور ایسی پروین ہوں گی جنکی اولاد جہاد کے نام پر قتل کر رہے ہوں گے اور کتنی پروین ایسی ہیں جنکے عزیز و اقارب جہاد کے نام پر قتل ہو رہے ہیں۔ اللہ ان دہشت گردوں کے شر سے سب کو پناہ دے۔
  18. canadian

    Father of a martyred son -- Writes !!!

    BEING SHARED AS RECEIVED: Greetings, Please take a look at these words before insulting Pakistan Armed Forces in current situations. These words are from a father of a soldier martyred recently. My son was martyred yesterday. I do not cry in his memory but rather I cry because he died for a...
  19. canadian

    A Wealthy Mans Advice to his Son !!

    A Wealthy Mans Advice to his Son A Wealthy Mans Advice to his Son A wise and saintly rich man, sensing his approaching death, called his son to his side and gave him these instructions: My son, I shall be leaving you very shortly. On the day when I die, and they have...
  20. Bilal_Mushi

    Osamas son Hamza missing since US raid

    Osamas son missing since US raid One of Osama bin Ladens sons went missing after the US raid in Abbottabad. Quoting Pakistani officials as saying, a British newspaper reported that Osamas widows also said that Hamza had not been seen since the May 2 raid. The Pakistani investigators...