1. M

    The Peacekeepers Child - Sexual misconduct by Indian soldiers and officers on UN duty in Congo

    EXCLUSIVE COVER STORY CONGO The Peacekeepers Child Sexual misconduct by Indian soldiers and officers on UN duty in Congo raises disturbing questions BALLY MUTUMAYI , ASHISH KUMAR SEN , SAIKAT DATTA On the bank of Lake Kivu, in the southern quarters of Gomathe capital of the forested...
  2. H

    badmashi of our army. soldiers attacked police station in rawalpindi

  3. L

    Four CIA spies on run after escaping a checkpoint.

    They US officials were travelling from Islamabad to Peshawar when the incident took place. - File Photo PESHAWAR: Four United States officials escaped a Peshawar motorway check point and took refuge in the US Consulate on Sunday, DawnNews reported. The US officials during their escape tried to...
  4. J

    American soldiers study religious extremism in their

  5. S

    Pakistan army future soldiers

    The Pakistan Army has been traditionally trained to fight a conventional war which has emphasised the skills necessary to effectively conduct operations in any state-on-state conflict, characterised with force-on-force engagement. Though a low intensity conflict doctrine has existed this...
  6. patriot

    War on terror - Drones, metal soldiers

    The new face of a faceless global war: drones and the CIA.: In the next decade, our reliance on drones and the spies who support them may increase for a different reason: We're losing friends. War on terror - Drones, metal soldiers
  7. BrotherKantu

    American soldiers are dying every day

    American soldiers are dying in Afghanistan everyday but MSM (main stream media) is not reporting. goto to get the news. For the following story, here is the link. ABOARD A BLACK HAWK HELICOPTER...
  8. T

    No wonder... US soldiers act crazy!!!!
  9. biomat

    Foreign soldiers on ground in libya.. Still people think that libyan revolution is geniuine?

  10. mohib

    Former Israeli soldiers break the silence on military violations

    Testimonies posted on YouTube by campaign group describe routine harassment and humiliation of Palestinian civilians Campaign group Breaking the Silence has met with a hostile response from Israel, especially after it published testimony by soldiers who took part in the war on Gaza in...
  11. munaybhai

    American soldiers on record on their role in Iraq--- watch

  12. A

    25 thousand soldier called in japan for help. thats what soldiers do all over the world

  13. karachiwala

    British soldiers charged with leaks

    LONDON, April 9 (UPI) -- Britain has arrested two special forces officers for leaking secrets in a move apparently related to a botched Libyan operation, police said Saturday. Metropolitan Police said the unnamed men, ages 33 and 35, were arrested March 2 on suspicion of violating the...
  14. S

    US Soldiers being stopped at the airport to get NOC

    Another Diplomatic Row with US Brewing Another Diplomatic Row with US Brewing Share ISLAMABAD: Another diplomatic row with the United States is brewing since Islamabad has barred a number of American military men from leaving the country because of expired visas and other documentary...
  15. Faiza

    Who is Terrirost? Israeli Soldiers shelling civilians

    Who is Terrorist...? Muslim or non Muslim. Israeli Soldiers are shelling civilians...
  16. mohib

    Australian Soldiers post racist videos on Facebook 'On Afghan War'

    There are around 1500 Australian troops in Afghanistan and since they have taken over from the British their deaths have seen an increase. Whether these racist troops are in the minority or not the Aussie troops should get out and head back down under.
  17. H

    US Army apology for photos of soldiers with Afghan body

    The US Army has apologised for graphic photographs of US soldiers grinning over the corpses of Afghan civilians they had allegedly killed. The photos published by Germany's Der Spiegel magazine were said to be among many seized by US Army investigators. An army statement said the photographs...
  18. haqiqat

    American Soldiers Are WAKING UP, from the false war they did in IRAQ and on muslims

    American Soldiers Are WAKING UP!! spread this video plz