1. canadian

    The Rights Of The Husband and The wife.

    The rights of the husband and the wife .................................................. .......... Islam has enjoined upon the husband duties towards his wife, and vice versa, and among these duties are some which are shared by both husband and wife. We will mention by the help of Allaah...
  2. sarmad

    A Canadian Court Frees an Al Qaeda Collabarator, because there was human rights violation when captu

    A Canadian Court of Appeal rules that Toronto judge was justified in freeing alleged Al Qaeda collaborator given the gravity of human rights abuses committed by the US in connection with his capture in Pakistan --------------------------------------------------------- A Toronto judge was...
  3. Faisla Ap ka

    Faisals Aap Ka - 1st May 2011 - Labour Day... When Will Labour Get His Rights??

  4. E

    PML-N quits 18th Amendment Commission; Protests giving provinces their rights

  5. News Watch

    News Watch - 11th April 2011 - President Zardari Reaction on American Policy, MQM in Punjab & Rights

  6. Geek

    China tells US: Stop preaching on human rights

    China has told the US to stop preaching on human rights, after the state department's annual report on the issue criticised China. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the US should concentrate on its own rights issues and stop interfering. Chinese authorities have launched a major...
  7. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 8th April 2011 - Special Program About Basic Rights

  8. L

    The Story of Human Rights

  9. hans

    Human Rights Commission of Pakistan concern over threat to Durga Mata mandir.. Nagerparker

    Karachi: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has expressed deep concern over the threat that extraction of granite in Tharparkar district in Sindh is posing to a highly revered Hindu temple which is also a part of our precious cultural heritage. Published reports have said that path...
  10. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 21st March 2011 - Mujeeb Ur Rehman - US Upper hand In Libya Crisis & Devastation Of Bas

  11. S

    Women's rights in Islam

    The best among you is he who treats the members of his family best,” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said. In Islamic societies Muslim women are entitled to enjoy and exercise those rights which are considered to be the privilege of men, as Islam treats both men and women at par as far as their...

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