1. C

    Why do you support your political party

    I have a very simple question: Why do you support your political party? A)- Because of it's vision for the betterment of the country? B)- Because of the able and qualified people in the party? C)- Because of it's past achievement for the country (If so, what they have achieved so far?) D)-...
  2. C

    Waqar Younis resigns for 'personal reasons'

    KARACHI: Pakistan cricket coach Waqar Younis resigned on Saturday, citing personal reasons, but said he would continue in his job through this month’s tour of Zimbabwe. “I have tendered my resignation to the Board last week and the tour to Zimbabwe will be my last,” Waqar Younis told a press...
  3. abbasiali

    5 Reasons on why does Allah SWT test us

  4. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 24th June 2011- Reasons behind the current misery of Muslim world-Dr Atta

  5. M

    Real Reasons of karachi Incident Exposed by Zaid Hamid - The true Mard e Momin !!

    We need more people like Zaid Hamid !
  6. Geek

    Kamran Shahid apologizes on Episode of Imran Khan, which was banned half way for Mysterious reasons

    After reading Kamran Shahid's apology on Facebook, every one could reveal simply,the invovment of hidden power, which restrict media to bring the truth. To Watch Program Visit ...
  7. wanderer

    Five Reasons Why You Should Take Risks

    Being able to take risks is fundamental to success in any endeavor we undertake. Being able to take a risk means being able to push yourself to do those things that you may be uncomfortable doing in order to achieve a goal. Common risks that many are afraid to take include such things as...
  8. Geek

    5 reasons Abbottabad was a great hideout

    Editors Note: Maryam Khan Ansari is a Montreal-born attorney living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her immediate family lives in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where Osama bin Laden was found hiding. By Maryam Khan Ansari, Special to CNN Over the past week, Ive heard many commentators assume that bin...
  9. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 18th April 2011 - Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asif Ahmad Ali & Haroon Rasheed - Re

  10. Faiza

    Lots of reasons to oppose Wal-Mart

    Lots of reasons to oppose Chip-Mart (er, Wal-Mart). We found this RFID tag affixed to a Hewlett-Packard printer on a shelf in a Texas Wal-Mart store just last week. Selling spy chipped products violates the call for moratorium issued by CASPIAN and over 40 of the world's leading privacy and...
  11. canadian

    10 reasons why I love Canadian winter !!!

    Mayank Bhatt has learned to love Canadas snowy climate. 10 reasons why I love Canadian winter In a little more than two years of living in Canada, Im no longer in dread of the long and harsh winter. Mayank Bhatt So, whos afraid of the mighty Canadian winter? Not me; not any...
  12. Reporter

    Reporter - 4th April 2011 - Bhutto's Legacy and Reasons for Its Betrayal

  13. B

    Why wouldn't you vote for Imran khan? Please give your reasons
  14. U

    One of Reasons - Why we are behind from other nations - Fellow members can add other reason

    One of Reasons - Why we are behind from other nations - Fellow members can add other reason so that we can correct our self. Shame on them
  15. S

    12 Top reasons of spending 70% of our budget on Defence. Good to Know!!! Open Secret!!!

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum, 1. To invade Pakistan again & again. 2. To sell our own people to Dogs for Dollars. 3. To kidnap, torture and do extra-judicial killings. 4. To assist people like Davis to flee. 5. To assist Drone Attacks. 6. To launch offensive against our own people. 7. To give...