1. 11th Hour

    11th hour - 30th August 2011 - Chand Raat Special

  2. Arslan

    CNBC : Pakistan Aaj Raat - 13th May 2011 - MQM Referendum And In-camera Session

  3. Ammad Hafeez

    Aaj Raat (CNBC ) - 06th May 2011 - Dr Farooq Sattar - Why MQM is Joining Government?

  4. Night_Hawk

    Shabnam majeed - preshan raat sare hai

  5. J

    CNBC:: Pakistan Aaj Raat Q/A With MQM Leaders ایم کیو ایم پنجاب میں

    C42:: News Night MQM in Punjab Q/As with MQM Leaders What Changes MQM Can Bring In Punjab Politics ?? How different Analysts Perceive MQM in Punjab?