1. C

    Tired of PTCL service? Right way to register your Complaint!

    PTCL users keep suffering poor services of PTCL, their "Numaenda" which is supposed to sort out your matter in 24 hours never appears on time even after your 5-10 calls. So here is the right way to register your Complaint. ?????? Share your views!
  2. Y

    Best Pakistani Internet Companies Packages Details

    1.PTCL 1Mb Economy Package 1MB Economy Package Price: Rs.625 Downloading: 10GB 1MB Student Package price: Rs: 1,325 Downloading: Unlimited Installation Charges: 1500 2Mb Economy Package 2MB Economy Package Price: Rs.775 Downloading: 15GB 2MB Student Package price: Rs: 1,575...
  3. T

    PTCL gives existing users a chance to win 1 million MBs of data

    Despite of users’ complaints and speed issues, PTCL remains the largest ISP in Pakistan. It has now achieved another milestone on its official Facebook page. It has earned 1 million fans on its Facebook page and the number is still increasing. To celebrate this huge milestone, PTCL is now...
  4. A

    PTCL Ruthlessly Bombards Customers with Forced Popup ADs

    kia PTCL hamay muft internet service faraham kar rahi hai kay ab har site, har link khoolnay par smart tv ka ad aata hai????. :/ PTCL Ruthlessly Bombards Customers with Forced Popup ADs PTCL is once again bombarding its DSL and EVO customers with pop-up ads injected into the websites that they...
  5. H

    بریکنگ: پنجاب حکومت کا انٹر نیٹ ٹیکس لاگو 

    پنجاب حکومت کا انٹر نیٹ ٹیکس لگ گیا ٹیکہ اج پی ٹی سی ایل کا بل چیک کیا تو پہلے تو ایسے لگا کہ انکھوں نے دھوکہ کھایا ہے مگر کچھ دیر کے بعد انکھیں پانی سے دھوئی اپنی الماری سے نظر کی عینک نکالی اور دھیان سے دیکھا تو اس مہینہ کا پی ٹی سی ایل 2 ایم بی انٹر نیٹ بل 2000 ایا تھا.. جب تھوڑی تفصیل سے...

    One Pound Fish Man Shahid Nazir Featured in PTCL's - Landline Link advertisement

  7. B

    [Request] Please Do Not Post videos On As It is Blocked In A Lot Of ISPs In Pakista

    [Request] Please Do Not Post videos On As It is Blocked In A Lot Of ISPs In Pakistan I Did My Research Before Posting This Thread PTA/PTCL Blocked Dialymotion data server...
  8. P

    Top Bureaucrat Plays into The Hands of Foreign Lobbies

    PKKH Special Investigative Report Although news about corrupt high-ranking officers in Pakistan’s bureaucracy is a routine matter but this time a nefarious federal secretary has been caught red-handed double dealing this nation.In Pakistan’s political and bureaucratic circles the Ministry of IT...
  9. Keepinformed

    Is PTCL Broadband acting slow for you?

    I have PTCL broadband and it is acting slow right now for loading up of many websites. I am in Karachi. Who else is facing the same issue right now? Is it Pakistan wide or just me... Anyone else facing the same issue?
  10. Justuju

    Check your Internet Speedاپنے انٹرنیٹ کنکشن کی رفتار چیک کریں اپنی انٹرنیٹ رفتار کو چیک کریں Check Your Internet Speed نوٹ: اس ٹیسٹ کو کم از کم تین دفعہ چلائیں NOTE: Please repeat the test at least 3 times . . . منسلکہ تصویر میں پی ٹی سی ایل کے ایک میگا بٹ کنکشن کی اوسط...