1. D

    Maryam Nawaz kay protocol ki BMW ek 125 Motorcycle pay registered!

    Maryam Nawaz JIT main paishi dene jis BMW main ayeen, usko jab online check kiya gaya toh woh ek 125 motorcycle per registered nikli. :lol: Tafseelaat dekhein iss video main: 1616319945064896
  2. Narcissist

    Protocol of Saudi King on the road: a video worth to look at

  3. C

    Prime Minister's protocol while visiting Naval Base

  4. S

    Defence Protocol in Pakistan

    Dear Fellows AOA, I am interested to know, what is the defence protocol of Pakistan. I am not sure, how the protocol works in case of sudden invasion from legal point of view. Means, whether army already has been assigned a power to respond and engage the enemy and probably in parallel they...
  5. A

    Why nawaz offered official protocol by zardari at london way back swiss

    on way back from swiss to london nawaz was offered official protocol by pak high commissioner in uk,alltough it was highly personnel & private trip,(some say it was swiss bank cash return trip)nawaz thanked zardari,question arises 1.was its simple political bribe ? 2.if it bribe why sharif...
  6. sarmad

    Prime Minister Gillani Busted For Lying on his Protocol