1. BrotherKantu

    Pakistan Police needs reform. This Police is too Pathetic.

    Just like a strong Army is a guarantee of our sovereignty, A strong and efficient police is important for internal safety and peace. Pakistan police needs real change. It has become more important than ever before. Here is our police. This is the Police WE need.
  2. R

    Indian media comes up with a new story against Pakistan on MV Suez, to cover their navy's pathetic r

    Well the unsinkable Indian media in order to cover their humiliating role on MV Suez and their zero effort of saving their Indian citizens, have come up with a new story against Pakistan, instead of being thankful to its citizens who actually paid ransom and sent its frigate for its protection...
  3. A

    Pathetic ANP

    ANP gets into power using the slogan of pashtun's rights. What have they done since last 4 years being in power except causing more bloodshed of pashtuns. They did nothing different than Zardari & Co to at least give pashtuns a peaceful province. ANP is a disgrace on the faces of Pashtuns.They...
  4. A

    "Adaalat K Rawaiye Ka Monis Jesy Nojwan Per Kya Asar Perya Ga" - Just check mentality - PATHETIC (omg)(omg) just read what MONIS lawyer said , ADAALAT K RAWAIYE KA MONIS JESY NOJAWAN PER KYA ASAR PERY GA , KALL KO WOH WAZEER-E-AZAM YA SADAR BANEYN GEY TO ADALAT K BAREY ME KYA SOCHEIN GEY .... same sochy ga...
  5. M_Adnan.L

    Take back 100% increase in armed forces salaries after this pathetic performance!

    Last year govt. increased salaries of our armed forces by 100%. This increase was made so that Pakistani armed forces improve their performance and protect their country in a better way by giving them BIG ECONOMIC RELIEF. but the result was devastating. Their performance is decreasing day...
  6. A

    the most pathetic performers of this country are demanding increase in salaries

  7. Malik495

    Pathetic PCB's farewell to legend Shoaib Akhter

    Shoaib akhter the legend who will remain in our heart forever..i was just watching his bowling clips and become so sad on the attitude of PCB(Pagal cricket Board) who even didnt consider to have a farewell party on his services for Pakistani cricket.. a clean man without any execution of match...