Pathetic PCB's farewell to legend Shoaib Akhter


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Shoaib akhter the legend who will remain in our heart forever..i was just watching his bowling clips and become so sad on the attitude of PCB(Pagal cricket Board) who even didnt consider to have a farewell party on his services for Pakistani cricket.. a clean man without any execution of match fixing has vanished from international cricket without any regards from PCB..
Big hearted nations regards there heroes..oh i forgot we are not a nation.. we are bunch of people with individual thoughts...sorry shoaib Akhter...

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Unfortunately the fame and stardom got to his head and he forgot that he needs the Pakistani team more then team needed him. Same sad story, happened to many players before, Allah does not like ghuroor.


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No doubt...Shoaib was a great fast bowler! I can only pray that the PCB monkeys would stop destroying talent that other nations CANNOT produce and drool over......They've never been able to groom, give respect or provide the resources required to manage such great talent.
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Saladin A

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Only crooks, cheats, corrupts, deceivers and tritors prosper and progress in Pakistan. Greed, dishonesty, cheating and deceiving in every sphere of life and field has infected our elites and a lot of ordinary people. This country should repent to Allah Mian and ask for forgiveness for their sins and evil deeds to save us from Allah’s wrath.

We shame and damn spot and match fixing but we do not damn these crooks and choors who are ruling us and eating our country like vermin.