1. rising.pak

    Main Eid Kesay Manao Mera Shehar Jal rha hai

    Tumhein Eid Ki Khushi Hai, Mujhe Yaad Hai Wo Lekin, Main Ye Kaise Bhool Jaon, Mera Sheher Jal Raha Hai.. Mera Zakhm Zakhm Seena,To Lahu Lahu Safeena, Main Nishaat Kaise Paun, Mera Sheher Jal Raha Hai Mere Shehar K yeh Vaasi Abhi SO Rahe Hain Inhein Kis Tarah JagaO, Mera Shehar Jal Raha hai

    We Need People Like this

    Updated 28/2/2011 9:30:47 AM Pak connection of Indian budget Pak connection of Indian budget Vivek Shukla New Delhi: As Union Finance Minister, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee would present general budget in the Herbert Baker designed North Block, it is still not known whether he knows the facts...
  3. S

    The Solution of the Problem of SINDH. ( Spartacus )

    The division of the Sindh province i.e. Sindh-North and Sindh-South , is the solution of the problem of SINDH. ( Spartacus)
  4. jhootaylog

    IFJ enraged by Muhajir Rabita Council threat to journalists

    Journalists get death threats May 30, 2007 Wednesday Jamadi-ul-Awwal 13, 1428 By Our Staff Reporter KARACHI, May 29: In what appears to be a direct death threat, bullets were found on Tuesday night in the cars of...
  5. mohib

    Are you Muhajir Or Pathan??