1. crankthskunk

    BREAKING NEWS: PIA flight to Manchester landed in Turkey

    ARY showing breaking news, PIA flight to Manchester landed in Istanbul, Turkey on the suspicion of Bomb on board. The search of the aircraft in progress.
  2. KhanHaripur

    Pak Army recoverd an Indian flag from "Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan".

    Soldiers chant slogans after a successful operation and recovering an Indian flag from "Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan". Source : PMA Kakul
  3. biomat

    Hoax or real.. 3 day karachi strike.

    Just got back home. Huge lines on petrol pumps & CNG stations. Some are closed. Buses are becoming short. People are buying what ever they could from shops.. WHAT IS GOING ON??? CAN SOME ONE CLEAR THIS OUT??? :angry_smile::13::13:(cry)

    Fox News hacked for Barack Obama assassination hoax

    FOX NEWS : US President Barack Obama is Dead Hackers took control of an official Fox News Twitter account and posted false updates claiming that President Barack Obama had been assassinated The verified Twitter account for Fox News Politics has been hacked and been used to claim that...
  5. mohib

    Mukhtaran Mai hoax is Exposed - Wikileak

    KARACHI: A secret cable of 2006 has revealed some serious problems within the local community being instigated by Mukhtaran’s family in her home district of Mianwalli, WikiLeaks disclosed. The cable was written by US Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker and sent to Washington. The cable by the US...
  6. Geek

    Bomb Hoax in PTI Dharna - Imran Khan remained calm, keep addressing Dharna.

  7. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk 17th May 2011 - Imran Khan (Govt Created the hoax that US applogized for Drone attack?)

  8. mohib

    10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax - Paul Joseph Watson

    1) Before last Sundays raid, every intelligence analyst, geopolitical commentator or head of state worth their salt was on record as stating that Osama Bin Laden was already dead, and that he probably died many years ago, from veteran CIA officer Robert Baer, to former Pakistani Prime Minister...
  9. biomat

    Osama Bin Laden's Videos Released By The Pentagon Are a Hoax, Man In TV Video Identified

  10. Wadaich

    Al Qaeda or Al CIAda? Israel's Al Qaeda exposes itself by "confirming" CIA's hoax at Abbottabad

    The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to...
  11. biomat

    Hoax: White House Claims 4-Year-Old Bin Laden Video Is New Footage

    By Paul Joseph Watson on May 8, 2011 Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet May 7, 2011 In a desperate effort to bolster its crumbling official narrative, the White House today released a set of dubious Bin Laden home movies purportedly seized from his compound during the raid on...
  12. mohib

    Ex-ISI Chief Hamid Gul: CIA "Choreographing" Osama Assassination Hoax


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