Ex-ISI Chief Hamid Gul: CIA "Choreographing" Osama Assassination Hoax


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Re: Hamid Gul on Osama Bin Laden Killing in Alex Jones Show

i myself have seen this pic around 4 years ago


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Re: Hamid Gul on Osama Bin Laden Killing in Alex Jones Show

it seems to be a real big drama against Pakistan.lets wait and see what is next, but Pakistani nation must wake up and be vigilant and on gaurd. we must prepare and unite if any thing comes up against us.militry and civil population must be one to face if comes to worse.


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Re: Hamid Gul on Osama Bin Laden Killing in Alex Jones Show

Many a people...many a scholar and seer have foretold that Pak will have to fight a mighty war before reaching it's glorious destination! See how the American's and NATO are invading one Muslim land after another under false pretentions, they began with Afghanistan then Iraq followed by dividing Sudan and now Libya! We all know the decades old occupation of Palestine and Kashmir that the west supports.

Pakistan, being the only Muslim nuclear power is the jewel in the crown that must be conquered before the entire world is zionised and under the control of western imperialists!. The almost divine creation of Pak tells me that it's exstence is for a reason which is to fight the ultimate war that will soon be thrusted upon us!. It's gonna be ugly, violent and so very bloody yet i am equally confident that we'll surely be victorious together with being compensated with all that we have lost, inshallah!


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Bin Laden - Hoax / Political Stunt ......



''The decline in Barack Obama's popularity since July has been the steepest of any president at the same stage of his first term for more than 50 years.

Gallup recorded an average daily approval rating of 53 per cent for Mr Obama for the third quarter of the year, a sharp drop from the 62 per cent he recorded from April.''
WHY Bin Laden dead now , when OBAMA was on lowest scale in popularity in US???



JUST LISTEN to the Hamid Gul , talking to Alex Jones :


''Sheikh Mohammed, who was captured in 2003, has reportedly been waterboarded hundreds of times by US officials in an attempt to extract information, leading to doubts over the accuracy of his “confessions”.
He has admitted to being behind a multitude of attacks and planned attacks including the 1993 World Trade Center attack, the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl and plots to crash hijacked planes into Heathrow airport, as well as “the tallest buildings in California”.
Sheikh Mohammed even admitted to targeting Plaza bank buildings, despite the fact that the business was not founded until 2006, over three years after the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind’s arrest.''


Even the bloody photo is fake....(thumbsdown)




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Assalam o Alaikum,

حمید گل گیڈروں اور بےغیرتوں کی فوج میں پاے جانے والے نایاب اور غیرتمند شیروں میں سے ایک شیر ہے ۔


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Re: Hamid Gul with Alex Jones

Cha gaya hai Hamid Gul!

If Imran Khan becomes Prime Minister (inshAllah), he should keep Hamid Gul as the Security & Defence Advisor or may be Defence Minister. I won't say President coz Justice Wajih is IK's presidential candidate and that seems fine to me.